Heritage Week causes division in Canada

Celebration goes against traditional values of diversity and humility, some say

WINNIPEG, Man. — It seemed like an inoffensive gesture for the House of Commons to initiate a Mennonite Heritage Week, but reaction from Mennonites has been split, with some concerned the recognition goes against...

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MB mission organization announces strategy shifts

Multiply, the missions organization for the Canadian and U.S. Mennonite Brethren conferences, announced on June 14 it is releasing its multi-denominational church planting efforts, formerly known in Canada as...

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Mission worker accused of abusing minors in Haiti

A Christian Aid Ministries worker has been accused of sexually abusing minors in Haiti after he left the country for the U.S. amid the allegations. CAM also faces a civil claim alleging it knew of similar...

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AMBS names presidential candidate of choice

Search committee recommends MC USA moderator to lead seminary

ELKHART, Ind. — The Ana­baptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary presidential search committee on June 10 announced David W. Boshart of Wellman, Iowa, as its candidate of choice as the seminary’s next...

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Winnipeg coffee shop a training ground for youth

WINNIPEG, Man. — It’s the morning lull at Sam’s Place, the time between the opening rush for coffee and the lunch crowd. There are about a half-dozen people in the coffee shop, café and used bookstore, owned...

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MCC, MDS promote healing with indigenous Canadians

Project at a former residential school not a typical disaster response

BRANTFORD, Ont. — How do you repair a disaster 142 years in the making? For Mennonite Disaster Service Canada and Mennonite Central Committee, it will happen one desk, one table and one bench at a time. This...

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Pennsylvania church gets a charge out of creation care

LANCASTER, Pa. — About 15 years ago, a Sunday school class discussion at East Chestnut Street Mennonite Church led to an initiative that is still reverberating today. In the church’s parking lot, two new...

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Parents rally to save school in Virginia

Warwick River downsizes to elementary only as falling enrollment mirrors trend of fewer Mennonite students

Bake sales and car washes may have been just enough to save most of Warwick River Christian School in Newport News, Va. With enrollment down to 70 students signed up for this coming fall, the 77-year-old Mennonite...

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MCC turns development project over to Haitian leadership

Forestry, agricultural work is now in local hands

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – For 37 years, the Haitian staff who operated from Mennonite Central Committee’s office in Desarmes have walked for miles every day, up mountains and through rivers in Haiti’s...

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Southeast churches weigh new affiliations

LMC recommended for those leaving MC USA; Franconia reaches out

The congregations of Southeast Mennonite Conference are reanalyzing their future after delegates delayed a decision on where to affiliate. After an 18-8 vote in October to leave Mennonite Church USA, delegates...

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African evangelist ‘born for mission’

Madalitso Kaputa of Malawi has an insatiable hunger to share the gospel. With the joy of the Lord as his strength, his life’s purpose — to reach the unreached — is clear. “I was born for mission,” he...

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MCC aid sustains cyclone survivors

Displaced farmers in Malawi had resorted to begging for food

Issa Ebombolo did not expect the level of malnutrition he encountered among people displaced by Cyclone Idai. Upon arriving in Malawi — where he helped distribute a Mennonite Central Committee shipment of food...

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Step Up is primed to go a step further

Teenagers could become full delegates at Mennonite Church USA convention

Lorren Oesch recalls a moment at the 2017 Mennonite Church USA delegate assembly in Orlando, Fla., when her table group encouraged her to go onstage and share her perspective at the microphone. She particularly...

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Broad census counts more Anabaptists

LMHS project attempts to include all U.S. Amish, Mennonites, Brethren and Hutterites

The most inclusive census of Anabaptists in the United States counts 100,000 more members than the 2018 Mennonite World Conference tally. The survey, by the Lancaster (Pa.) Mennonite Historical Society, counts...

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USMB board tests statement on women in ministry

U.S. Mennonite Brethren are discerning what — if any — changes could be considered when it comes to women in ministerial leadership. The U.S. Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches denominational magazine...

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MVS marks 75 years of formation for young adults

When Gilberto Perez was 12, he hung out with the older guys who came from the Browns­ville, Texas, Mennonite Voluntary Service unit to help his parents build a Hispanic Mennonite church in Robstown. At 19, those...

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