Archive’s new radio program digs into history

WINNIPEG, Man. — In 1927, Johannes Dyck escaped with his wife and nine children from the former Soviet Union. Exit visas were hard to obtain, and Mennonite emigrants like the Dycks were not allowed to take large...

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Church groups respond to virus outbreak

Coronavirus disrupts Mennonite Partners in China teacher-exchange program

Mennonite Church Canada reports that 10 North American English teachers serving with Mennonite Partners in China have not been able to return to their placements in China due to the coronavirus outbreak, as the...

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A call to offer welcome and refuge

Border pilgrimage reveals immigrant pain, need to care for fellow sisters and brothers

Over two weeks in January and February, I traveled in the U.S.-Mexico border region from San Diego, Calif., to Brownsville, Texas, with stops in more than 10 cities on both sides of the border. I have seen and...

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Book supports Plain abuse awareness

Amish, Old Order Mennonite leaders buy hundreds of copies to distribute to families

Jeanette Harder had not even received a printed copy of her new book when she learned 740 fresh-off-the-press copies had been handed out at a conference. Harder, co-founder of Dove’s Nest, authored For the Sake...

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New York peace center doubles as a church plant

Brooklyn Peace Center to reinvigorate Atlantic Coast Conference property

The first rule of real estate can also be the first rule of church planting. But what is coming together in New York City under the working name “Brooklyn Peace Church” is built upon more than...

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‘Hope’ gathering stresses peace with justice

Meeting for people of color celebrates legacy of mission agency leader

DALLAS — Hope for the Future attendees celebrated the legacy of Stanley W. Green, one of the event’s original organizers, and discussed ways to press forward for peace and justice throughout the church. Green,...

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Growing interest in Anabaptism spurs 3 new West African churches

West Africans see potential for growth

The sound of jubilant singing — “Yahweh, Yahweh” — ricocheted off the stucco walls of the Mennonite meetinghouse in Catel, Guinea-Bissau. Dressed in colorful, traditional West African attire, worshipers...

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Where does Villages fit in today’s fair-trade landscape?

Fair-trade trailblazer’s impact surpasses closure of Canadian corporation

Although Ten Thousand Villages Canada is ceasing operations after years of declining sales, its fair-trade mission will continue in a variety of ways. Ten Thousand Villages Canada announced on Jan. 21 the closure...

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9,500 comforters warm the winter

MCC event surpasses its goal as requests worldwide exceed the supply

With the whir of sewing machines, the snip of scissors and the hum of conversation as music to work by, volunteers across two continents completed 9,504 comforters as part of Mennonite Central Committee’s Great...

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MC USA Executive Board extends lead time for resolutions

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Mennonite Church USA Executive Board revised the denomination’s policy for bringing resolutions to the national delegate assembly during a meeting Jan. 17-18. The revised guidelines will...

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Creamery scheme cost investors millions

A Pennsylvania man has been charged with fraud for targeting conservative Mennonites and Amish with a scheme that left nearly $60 million unpaid to investors in a Berks County creamery and investment program. The...

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MB board reaffirms limit on role of women

Policy excluding women from lead pastorate is upheld a year after study conference

The U.S. Mennonite Brethren Board of Faith and Life has reaffirmed a policy that bars women from serving as lead pastors. The BFL adopted a statement calling on congregations to encourage women to minister in every...

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Conservative Brethren exploring separation

A conservative movement of congregations may depart the Church of the Brethren this year in what the recently named Covenant Brethren Church says is an effort to help churches prioritize biblical authority and...

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Germans ponder lessons of history

NEUWIED, Germany — Germans commemorated an infamous historic date during the annual meeting of European Mennonite leaders. On Nov. 9-10, 1938, the anti-Semitic pogroms of the Reichs­kristallnacht (night of...

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Schools reopen after Puerto Rico, Albania quakes

Mennonite schools are returning to routines after earthquakes struck Albania in November and Puerto Rico in January. Lezha Academic Center is located in one of three cities where the Albanian government declared a...

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Music leaders sing hymnal preview

MOUNT PLEASANT, Pa. — In the 1980s, Ken Nafziger drew on inspiration from publisher and camp association president Levi Miller and began leading a music retreat at Laurelville. Several years later, Marlene Kropf...

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