New structure approved for MC Canada

Congregations no longer members of a national body

WINNIPEG, Man. — Delegates voted 94 percent in favor of taking Mennonite Church Canada’s existing structures off of life support equipment that some believe is designed for a society and church culture from a...

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Kansas teacher central to ACLU Israel boycott lawsuit

The American Civil Liberties Union filed a federal lawsuit Oct. 11 on behalf of a Mennonite teacher challenging a new Kansas law barring state contractors from taking part in boycotts against Israel. Esther Koontz...

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MC USA wants to get all schools on same page

Proposal would standardize relationships with denomination

A task force is proposing a more cooperative and consistent relationship between Mennonite Church USA and its institutions of higher education. “We’re envisioning a relationship based more on collaboration than...

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Hurricane Maria damage severe for Mennonites in Puerto Rico

As assessment teams work their way across Puerto Rico, it becomes clear Hurricane Maria damaged Mennonite churches, hospitals and a school to a greater degree than originally understood. After Maria hit the island...

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MCC to help restore hope in Cuba after hurricane

Bonnie Klassen remembers the haunting, howling wind. “It was a deep, threatening growl. I had knots in my stomach,” she said. “That wind was purely destructive.” Klassen, Mennonite Central Committee area...

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Hopi school is left in disarray

Disheveled classrooms and missing equipment are some of the challenges facing Mennonite Education Agency as it discerns how to get Hopi Mission School up and running again. Mennonite Church USA representatives...

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Yoders celebrate 300 years in America

Founders of Lancaster congregations flocked to Penn’s religious haven in 1717

SHIPSHEWANA, Ind. — Perhaps no other name is as closely linked with the American Mennonite and Amish faiths than Yoder. It’s the 598th most common last name in the United States, according to the U.S. Census...

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New Hesston president brings international perspective

Manickam inaugurated during homecoming

HESSTON, Kan. — Even before he made his way to the podium, Joseph A. Manickam got a standing ovation from nearly 650 people gathered for his inauguration as the ninth president of Hesston College on Sept. 23 in...

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Franklin Conference joining Lancaster

Franklin Mennonite Conference is joining Lancaster Mennonite Conference a year and a half after departing Mennonite Church USA. Franklin lay delegates and credentialed members voted Sept. 28 to affirm the...

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MCC tries to keep family from being torn apart

Undocumented couple targeted for deportation at hospital in Texas

Mennonite Central Committee is supporting a mother and father who face deportation after U.S. Border Patrol agents initiated removal proceedings at a Texas hospital where the couple sought emergency care for their...

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Mennonite Brethren colleges set enrollment records

Results are mixed at MC USA institutions

The two U.S. Mennonite Breth­ren colleges set enrollment records this fall, while their Mennonite Church USA counterparts reported mixed results. Three achieved increases of 9 or 10 percent, while two had 13...

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MC Canada nears decision on plan to put regions first

Denominational focus would move to grassroots in a partnership of five regional churches

Mennonite Church Canada delegates will meet Oct. 13-15 in Winnipeg, Man., for a special assembly to consider a new structure that shifts emphasis from the national denomination to its five regions. In part due to...

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Ohio church offers sanctuary

Columbus Mennonite first in state to publicly open doors

Columbus (Ohio) Mennonite Church opened its doors the morning of Oct. 2 to a 39-year-old mother of three children from Mexico, offering sanctuary to her after it became clear federal officials would seek to deport...

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MDS evaluates Puerto Rico hurricane damage

Hurricane Maria damages Mennonite hospital; island’s future appears ‘bleak’

LITITZ, Pa. — Mennonite Disaster Service regional operations coordinator Larry Stoner arrived Sept. 26 in San Juan to begin a 10-day assessment of how MDS will assist Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane...

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MC USA board approves two-year Journey Forward

Appointment of LGBTQ committee member reconfirmed

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — First was the Future Church Summit. Next comes the Journey Forward. The Mennonite Church USA Executive Board on Sept. 30 approved a plan to make the summit the starting point of a two-year...

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Believers conference looks to Reformation for renewal

Goshen College hosts diverse gathering drawn together by legacy of the Radical Reformation

GOSHEN, Ind. — Fifty years after the first Believers Church Conference in 1967, more than 150 people representing nearly a dozen denominations gathered at Goshen College Sept. 14-16 for “Word, Spirit and the...

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