MCC may allow exceptions to ‘lifestyle expectations’

Hundreds sign letter calling for change

Mennonite Central Committee’s U.S. and Canada boards have approved the possibility of exceptions to the “lifestyle expectations” for some MCC personnel, although those parameters have not been completely...

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Beekeepers learn about caring for creation, community

NEWTON, Kan. — Two co-workers at Mennonite Mission Network have discovered that even with a full-time “city job,” beekeeping is a great way to keep the boy on the farm. Several years ago, when former farm...

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German church finds a different way to reach out

Not far from the Czech and Austrian borders, a little Bavarian congregation has started doing church differently. Last fall, members of Landau Mennonite Church in Germany began hosting Kirche Anders (Different...

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Illinois farmland gets a new mission

Hungry World Farm picks up the baton after Plow Creek Fellowship closes

A revitalized farm property is bringing new life to rural north-central Illinois. Members of Willow Springs Mennonite Church in Tiskilwa began a project called Hungry World Farm toward the end of 2017. The farm...

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Reconciliation comes to Congo after betrayal, remorse

The community lined the sides of the road to welcome six vehicles rolling in from an arduous 500-mile journey from Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. More than 30 Congolese Mennonite leaders and mission...

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Opinion: I almost got shot

The city was on edge. The man of the house had a gun.

He pointed his right hand with a pistol at me as I rounded the hallway corner into the den. Shocked, I stopped and stood frozen. His newspaper fell off his lap, and he sat upright. “You scared me half to...

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Coffee venture seeks to caffeinate Mennonite identity

Kansan's new roasting business complements knack for Anabaptist baked goods

True evangelical coffee cannot lie dormant. With every batch of beans he roasts, Tim Unruh of Hillsboro, Kan., is putting his faith into practice. His product — Menno Beans — is a reflection not just of his...

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Fellowship to crack open KGB archives

Historians feel a sense of urgency to uncover stories of lost relatives and ancestors from documents in Ukraine

WINNIPEG, Man. — In the 1930s, thousands of Mennonites disappeared in the Soviet Union without a trace. The KGB archives in Ukraine has thousands of files on these missing Mennonites. A new fellowship at the...

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Colorado investigator will testify in death penalty case

A Colorado woman who refused to testify in a death penalty appeal case has agreed to participate after defense attorneys expressed concern that her refusal hurts, rather than helps, their efforts. She was released...

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Why did the FBI single out Bethel?

During the Vietnam War era, students and some faculty at Mennonite colleges were involved in protest movements. The FBI, under J. Edgar Hoover, saw the student movements as a great national danger. Without lawful...

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Myron Augsburger remembers Billy Graham

Myron Augsburger admired Billy Graham but didn’t take his advice. It was about 1950 or ’51 when the aspiring Mennonite evangelist first talked to Graham — already well on his way to becoming “America’s...

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Churches help Mormons ‘detox from religion’

Mennonite Brethren bring evangelical presence to Utah

From a Bible study group 20 years ago, a five-campus evangelical church has grown in Utah, bringing a Mennonite presence to the heart of Mormon country. South Mountain Community Church is affiliated with the U.S....

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Leaders of color call for embracing diversity as a gift

Hope for the Future puts focus on that which unites

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Nearly 70 pastors, leaders, directors, coordinators, educators, change-makers and others with connections to Mennonite Church USA met Feb. 8-11 at the Hyatt Regency Riverwalk Hotel for the...

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Opinion: A time of reckoning for men and masculinity

In recent months there has been unprecedented exposure of sexually predatorial men in high places, as well as unprecedented violence perpetrated by solitary men with little or no regard for human life. Whether...

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Bluffton University names next president

BLUFFTON, Ohio —  Jane Wood has accepted the call to serve as Bluffton University’s next president, beginning July 1. The board of trustees made the announcement Feb. 23. Wood is vice president of academic...

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Generous love amid war in Democratic Republic of Congo

KIKWIT, Democratic Republic of Congo — Loving the generous people of the Democratic Republic of Congo is not difficult, but evil happening in the rural Kasaï region of that lush country is hard to comprehend. In...

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