Campaign will seek to revive peace witness

Planners want to help a new generation of peacemakers speak out against militarism

The Peace and Justice Support Network is collaborating with Mennonite Church USA staff, area conferences and peacemakers to create a movement: Mennonites Against Militarism. The planning stages of this campaign are...

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Evangelical writers: Trump is a ‘spiritual danger’

Book edited by Ronald J. Sider examines evangelical support for Trump, addresses concerns of justice, truth and moral integrity

You’ve probably heard of the white evangelicals who have backed President Donald Trump since he launched his campaign for president. Their story is well known to political analysts and average Americans alike:...

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Court upholds funding for religious schools

A U.S. Supreme Court ruling ending state provisions that bar taxpayer aid to private religious schools preserves a source of funding for Mennonite elementary and high schools. The June 30 ruling is considered a...

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Handwashing stations promote health in crowded slum

MCC partner in Kenya shares COVID-19 prevention information in community where people are very poor

NAIROBI, Kenya — Mathare settlement isn’t an easy place to stay clean and healthy on an ordinary day, so preventing COVID-19 from infecting people in a crowded slum of Nairobi is a challenge. Most of the...

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Tractor whisperer

Kansan is willing to give almost any vehicle a chance in his refurbishing projects for MCC

Each year, relief sales raise more than $4.5 million for Mennonite Central Committee’s work around the world. They are made possible by the work of hundreds of volunteers. Some, like Jerry Toews of Goessel, Kan.,...

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Paraguayan shaped global Anabaptist theology

Neufeld interpreted MWC’s Shared Convictions

Alfred Neufeld of Paraguay, a prolific author, theologian, historian and teacher who shaped Anabaptist theology globally, died June 24 in Münster, Germany, after treatment for liver cancer and kidney problems. He...

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MEA investments prioritize climate change

Energy sector is excluded from agency’s portfolio

Mennonite Education Agency has revised its investment strategy, adopting five stewardship commitments targeting climate change. The MEA Investment Fund manages more than $150 million in endowment assets of 19...

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African American group urges denomination to address racial injustice

The African American Mennonite Association called upon fellow Mennonite Church USA congregations, which are predominately white, to be involved in healing and reconciliation amid the protests that erupted since the...

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MC USA launches racial justice fund

In the midst of social unrest in the United States, Mennonite Church USA has launched a Justice Fund for individuals and congregations to support MC USA churches involved in dismantling racism, addressing police...

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Voices (still) Together?

Hymnal set for fall launch as churches question safety of singing

The health risks of group singing due to COVID-19 bring unique meaning to the ­title of a new Mennonite hymnal set to launch as many churches across the United States and Canada remain uncertain what worship looks...

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MCC U.S. executive director transition planned in October

Leadership of Mennonite Central Committee U.S. will transition in October as J Ron Byler retires as executive director and current associate executive director Ann Graber Hershberger moves into the role. The shift...

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Relief sales succeed without main event

Creative, generous people don’t need a mass gathering to support MCC

NORTH NEWTON, Kan. — COVID-19 stopped the Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale’s main event, but it couldn’t stop people from coming together to support Mennonite Central Committee. They’ve already raised almost as...

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Concrete actions bring Argentina reconciliation to life

Faith communities called to serve the most vulnerable

Inspired by a series of dialogues that began last year in Switzerland, Mennonites and Reformed Church members in Argentina are building reconciliation by cooperating on projects. World Communion of Reformed...

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East Germany history an unfinished conversation

Berlin has stories to tell, 30 years after wall fell

Bruno Götzke, a Mennonite pastor and refu­gee from East Prussia, sensed early in 1953 the police were taking too much interest in his efforts to establish roughly a dozen new centers of worship for Mennonites in...

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Virginia food pantry makes adjustments to stay open

HARRISONBURG, Va. — As the coronavirus pandemic has crept into the Rockingham County community, it has become more difficult for many to keep food on the table. Patchwork Pantry volunteers are making some...

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‘Mosaic’ name celebrates conferences’ reconciliation

New body one of largest, most diverse in MC USA

Eastern District & Franconia Conference has become Mosaic Mennonite Conference, a change announced during a conference-wide virtual worship service on Pentecost Sunday, May 31. With about 8,500 members in five...

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