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This is a letter of encouragement to those who accept the Bible’s statements that God declares homosexuality as sin.

What is the “rule of law” and the “rule of love” cited by the writers of a letter urging inclusiveness of people in same-sex relationships in Mennonite Church USA? Jesus loved us even when we were sinners. His love does not trump our sin but forgives our sin. We become new creatures in Christ. Continuous practicing of sin stops. If a candidate for membership cannot accept Scripture or the teaching of leadership, the dialogue should stop until there is more prayer and fasting. It is troubling for a brother or sister to say, “I am going to do my thing,” no matter what Scripture or the Confession of Faith says. Is that the rule of love?

Pastors and Christian organizations are helping people to be delivered from same-sex relationships. The teaching on deliverance from homosexual addiction has not been forthcoming from Mennonite publications or leaders.

Sanford Oyer
Wooster, Ohio

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  • Erika Fels

    During my morning devotions today it occurred to me that I and others have much in common with Jesus Christ whose crucifixion the church celebrates at this time of year.
    Like many of the GLBTI community Jesus was different. He didn’t conform to the expectations of society. He didn’t ‘behave’ as society expected of Him. Jesus broke with society’s norms and values and, because He couldn’t and wouldn’t be controlled by others, He was forsaken by His friends, His siblings, his n…eighbours in His local community who rejected Him. His nation didn’t or wouldn’t understand Him, Judas betrayed Him, and Peter denied Him, (“I’ve got nothing to do with Him!”). “In fact all the disciples forsook Him, and fled (from Him), (Mat 26:56). Jesus felt that even God had forsaken Him (Mat 27:46). I think many members of the GLBTI community could, at times, identify with how that feels. Meanwhile, the so called ‘normal’ people think they have it tough – go figure.
    But, we all know how it all ended. Jesus was exonerated by God.
    I think rather than celebrate at the lectern and preside over the church services this Easter, priests and pastors should stand in the corner of their churches, and beat upon their breasts, saying, “God, have mercy on me, a sinner”. When a church gives prominence to their theology which discriminates rather than concentrates on ‘love of neighbour’, they have really following in the steps of the religious rulers of Jesus’ days rather than God. Theology is merely a graven image made by and in the minds of men

  • Elaine Fehr

    As God/man, Jesus had no use for man-made laws and rules that man imposed on others, often
    hypocritically. Jesus kept God’s laws and principles perfectly and no sin was ever found in Him justifiably. As a perfect man, Jesus suffered greatly for that. We often suffer because of our sin and its
    consequences. May we (including GLBTI community) never liken our suffering which is a result of our sin and its consequences to the suffering of Christ who suffered for His righteousness.

  • Herbert Reed

    In my opinion the attempt to “deliver people from same-sex relationships” is based on a dangerous fallacy and has done much harm, particularly to young people seeking to understand their sexuality. Alan Chambers, the leader of Exodus International, one of the largest groups engaged in this activity, has recently apologized, saying, “For quite some time, we’ve been imprisoned in a worldview that’s neither honoring toward our fellow human beings, nor biblical.” I know that other organizations also attempting to deliver people from homosexuality reject the witness of Chambers but it should at the least result in some serious soul searching for those who are convinced that this is a legitimate activity when a group this large and this well-organized changes course and repudiates this activity based on their actual experience. There is reason to believe from the testimonies of many young people who have gone through some of these deliverance ministries that the outcomes have been more negative than positive, and in some cases with devastating and tragic results.

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