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When would it be right for an enemy nation to murder your family? If never, how can it be right for the U.S. to murder anyone else’s family? I oppose all war, so for me to pay federal income tax to train others to become professional hired killers would be more evil than being a soldier myself. How much good is it to pray, hope and march for peace if we pay for war? If your tax dollars burned homes and killed families on your street, would you pay? Are our neighbors abroad less precious? I have paid no federal income tax for 36 years. I lived well in 2014 on $4,923, less than half the poverty level for me as a single person. Are U.S. Mennonites too addicted to buying stuff we don’t need to enjoy living below the federal income taxable level to avoid paying for this empire’s mass murder worldwide? Many years ago I was a Bible major at Eastern Mennonite University, an Illinois Mennonite pastor and a Voluntary Service member. Now I am the most well-known war-tax refuser, simple-living enthusiast and openly gay man in Albuquerque.

Don Schrader
Albuquerque, N.M.

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  • Phil Schroeder

    By purposely not paying federal taxes Don, you are avoiding also the cause of helping to feed the poor and hungry. You are avoiding paying for the medical research that may bring help and relief to millions of poeple. You are avoiding helping with the financial assistance given to many needy countries. You are not assisting with the help that allows the poor to better themselves by going to college. You are not assisting in the burden of helping the nation in many causes of safety in such areas as our food and water and traspotation.
    I assume that you avoid crossing the bridges that were built with federal dollars, the use of communication that was enabled by federal investment, the assistance of emergency services such as police protection and ambulance, the consuming of food that was bettered by research through federal grants, and breathing the air that has been cleaned to a safer level by federal involvement. If you should happen to get a serious illness are you willing to go without the assistance needed to pay for your health care. Many people are paying more for their monthly medications than your annual income. With out the help made possible by other citizens paying their federal taxes, this would not be possible.
    Non of us like to pay for everything that our taxes go for, but Jesus did say to give to Caesar that which is Ceasar’s.

    • Stephen Johnson

      Phil-I would agree with your statement if he was refusing to pay the portion of his taxes that go to the military since there is no way of distinguishing where the funds he pays go. In Don’s case he is purposely living at a level where he is not required to pay Ceasar. I am not aware of any obligations he has to earn enough to pay taxes. You are also making assumptions that Don is not using his time to provide Biblical support and comfort. While I do not have an interest in following Don’s example I can respect the fact that he is living within his ethics.

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