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Aug 29, 2016 by

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According to a Pew poll through July (“Do Pastors Wield Political Influence?,” Aug. 15), nearly four-fifths of evangelicals planned to vote for Donald Trump in November. I am surprised and concerned. Though evangelicals are traditionally Republican and are courted by Trump, how can they disregard the hatred and bigotry he spews? Trump’s vulgar words and beliefs run contrary to Christian values. What does the Bible say? What does Jesus teach? These are the questions Christians should ask themselves.

Barbara Allgyer Peters
Piedmont, Calif.

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  • Dale Welty

    If 4/5ths of evangelicals vote for Trump as Barbara states, I can conclude that 1/5 will vote for Hillary. Does she mean that those who vote for Hillary are are not deceived whereas those 4/5ths who vote for Trump are willfully ignorant? I would appreciate if Ms Peters would tell me and other MWR readers the reasons she will vote for Hillary. Dale Welty

    • Keith Wiebe

      I’d settle for you telling us why the willfully ignorant would vote for Trump.

      • Dale Welty

        My question is to Barbara as to what she means in her comments. I dislike when people take my comments, distort them and then respond to the distortion they created. Dale Welty

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