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I hope every individual claiming faith in God and the Bible would agree that God cares not only about the lowliest of people but also the little creatures creating nutrition we depend on. This hits everybody’s dinner plates with thoughts of where food comes from — whether an animal was raised in a way pleasing to God or whether a vegetable depleted or enhanced its surrounding soil. If your answer to such questions is “I don’t know” or “Why should it matter?”, then step back and re-evaluate what should be a priority in a life of faith in God. Asking questions starts to uncover what is accepted and seen as normal in our society. But these practices are not normal or how God created. For example, if cows are taken out of their intended environment, concentrated in a feed lot or a dairy operation and fed grain instead of grass, would God consider that caring for his creation?

I did not vote for any political office this year, but I vote with every bite I put in my mouth. I do this out of obedience to a God who created a world where every creature is cared for and put in its natural environment.

Andrew Keeler
Rittman, Ohio

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  • Dale Welty

    Andrew, I voted for the person who believes the killing of innocent unborn babies in the womb or the killing partially unborn babies is wrong. Apparently this is not an important issue with you. Do you drink milk purchased from a grocery store or do you have your own milk cow or goat? Dale Welty

    • Keith Wiebe

      That what Trump says but can we believe anything he says? What does Trump want to do with health insurance for 20 million people? What does his supporters want to do with the expansion of medicaid in states to care for people who can’t afford insurance? You’ve got to get beyond your “pro life” views as most of your views aren’t very pro life. How about caring for babies that are born for a change?

      • Jerry C. Stanaway

        How about caring for the born AND unborn? Anyway, Obama supported undeclared wars against ISIS and Libya, he initiated ten times as many drone strikes as Bush and bombed 6 different countries over Labor Day weekend in 2016, and he has left us with a legacy of ongoing wars in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and Yemen, and the equally militaristic Hillary would have furthered his warlike legacy. And Obama and Hillary supported the death penalty, abortion, and euthanasia. It’s hard to imagine anyone more anti-life than those two.

    • Debra B. Stewart

      And how about opposing the death penalty, war and terrorism??? I mean REALLY opposing them?

      • Dale Welty

        Debra, no place in the Bible do we read that the death penalty in the USA violates the Scripture. However, killing innocent unborn babies in the womb is murder and violates Scripture. Dale Welty

        • Keith Wiebe

          xmenno, nowhere in the Bible says that abortion violates scripture. IF you say you’re pro life one could argue that one needs to be anti abortion AND anti death penalty but what about in the middle? How about the treatment of live human beings? Doesn’t it violate the scripture to constantly vote for the party that wants to take away health care from the poor and millions of middle class?

          • Dale Welty

            Pro-choice advocates state that the Bible does not address abortion, so the decision should be the individual’s. While it is true that the term “abortion” does not appear in the Bible, the principles about the value of life are there. In Exodus 21:22-23, God wrote into His Law protection for the unborn. If a pregnant woman was injured, causing her to lose her child, then the one who caused the injury was to be executed: “a life for a life.” The phrase “life for a life” says a lot. God considers the life of the unborn just as valuable as that of a grown man. Regarding health care as a government program, no where does the Bible indicate that such a program is mandatory. Dale Welty

          • Keith Wiebe

            Yes, a life for a life but this is not the interpretation of that scripture. It gives a monetary punishment for causing a miscarriage. In another passage it talks about the Priest making a concoction from the floor of the temple and if the woman aborts the fetus she was sinful. No problem with aborting the fetus in the OT apparently.

          • Jerry C. Stanaway

            There is an alternative interpretation of that passage which involves a life for a life if either woman or child dies. However, even if your interpretation is correct, note that a passage right next to this one excludes the death penalty for punishing a slave. However, if we don’t appeal to the Old Testament to justify the death penalty or war, we shouldn’t appeal to it to justify killing babies.

          • Lynn Miller

            Keith, You have bought into the liberal insanity of spinning abortion, sanitizing it and calling it women’s health care. It isn’t very healthy for the unborn child – which has a God given right to live.

            Psalm 139:13 “For you created my inmost being;
            you knit me together in my mother’s womb.”

            Genesis 1:28 “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply,”

            If it is a blessing to multiply, what would it mean to take that life?

            I’ve seen some feminists proudly wearing t-shirts that say, “I Had An Abortion”. But ask a real woman, someone who was convinced that her baby was just a blob of cells and not a real person – who made the decision to have an abortion. Many never get over it. It is grief mixed with guilt. They may have been very young and went to Planned Parenthood where they were talked into something they really didn’t understand – and now they regret it with all their hearts. Two victims.

          • Keith Wiebe

            I explained the passages in the OT about the closest thing we have to abortion in the Bible. I didn’t “spin” anything. Thanks for explaining that abortion is a very personal decision and hard choices are made that have long consequences. Why do men in Washington DC believe they have the right to rule over women in this personal decision? Are you ok with a 12 year old rape from incest forced to give birth?

          • Jerry C. Stanaway

            Abortion takes the lives of innocent little babies. Abortion is obviously such an evil, obscene, and barbaric practice, I would continue opposing abortion even if someone proved there is no God.

        • Matthew Froese

          Jesus doesn’t seem to support the death penalty in John 8:1-11.

      • Jerry C. Stanaway

        I certainly do. Meanwhile, you can REALLY oppose abortion.

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