The ‘great turning’

Jan 2, 2017 by

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Thank you for your coverage of the water protectors at Standing Rock in North Dakota (“Supporters Witness a Victory at Standing Rock,” Dec. 19). People are coming together around the world to peacefully resist the destruction of land, water, air and sacred sites. This particular gathering is a historic movement for civil rights, human rights and justice. Those who have been made last among us — the indigenous peoples who have endured near extinction, genocide and occupation by European-Americans — are offering an olive branch, demonstrating radical forgiveness and generosity, offering a vision of humanity’s correct place within the interdependent web of relationship.

My prayer is that we accept this invaluable gift and join the “great turning” that is required to preserve a livable planet. This is missing in the two stories in the Dec. 19 issue. Iris de Léon-Hartshorn was quoted: “The Doctrine of Discovery is . . . destroying life for native people. If we’re smart, we’d see how we’ll eventually destroy ourselves if we don’t pay attention to the things they’re calling out about the environment.” Let’s open our eyes to the urgent reality that both modern scientists and indigenous wisdom clearly communicate: The Doctrine of Discovery, greed, unlimited growth and separation is destroying life on Earth for all of us. If we’re to survive, we must radically change our way of life without delay, because the window of opportunity is almost closed. Fortunately, the way forward is well lit by cultures that have lived for millennia in balance with the rest of creation.

Charlotte Shristi
Harrisonburg, Va.

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  • Paul Overby

    Hi Charlotte, I hope you have parked your car, emptied your house of anything plastic, and only eat food that is grown in your own back yard. These, along with a lot of other things that we take for granted are all made of or transported with oil and its products. Do I think we should be working on alternatives, sure! But if MCC is going to be anti-oil, then when we send people and resources over seas they better be using a wooden boat with sales instead of flying there in jets.
    This particular issue is full of misunderstandings and half-truths. Unfortun ately MC C is busy promoting only one point of view, and instead of being involved as peace makers in this conflict, have chosen a side. That is incredibly disappointing. I suggest that your point of view from Virginia is a lot different than the point of view from someone in ND.
    Paul Overby
    Wolford, ND

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