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Mar 13, 2017 by

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MWR indeed presents a wide variety of opinion, but we will not renew our subscription. We are choosing not to waste time reading so many radical views. To have the name “Mennonite” given such prominence in the women’s march in Washington (Jan. 30) is a disgrace to the God who ordained marriage and life, as well as to the ancestors who went before us. It does not reflect the tenets of those who have led the fight for the sacred life of both the born and the unborn. We choose not to read of those who demean our president instead of praying for him. We hope the publishers of MWR will choose in the future not to give such prominence to those with such antibiblical views.

Robert and Rhoda Sauder
Hagerstown, Md.

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  • Evan Knappenberger

    The president demeans himself. See if you still feel like standing up for trump when he comes for your children to send them to war.

    evan knappenberger

  • Ruth Wainfeen

    I fully accept your right to withdraw your subscription, but I do not not understand your point of ‘radical views’. I don’t agree with everything here, but for you to imply that you stand ‘with our forefathers’ [my interpretation of your letter] is a bit over-the-top. NONE of us are pure (the Bible is clear on that we are all sinners) and our ONLY justification is in Christ. Even the Old Order Amish is not ‘pure’ towards the Bible or even to the forefathers back in Europe. We are all ‘tented’ by the world around us, and it is not that we like all the ‘new’ views, but we are not free from ‘new’ views… We don’t want to be OFF this world, but we are all (incl old order Amish) IN this world, so we need to deal with it…

  • Bruce Leichty

    I am a lifetime member of the MWR corporation and for many years I tried to solicit proxies so that there might be a different publishing philosophy than the one inspired by the most “liberal” (one could other words including modernist or culturally uncritical) college among us, Bethel, alma mater for MWR’s editor. But most MWR members and increasingly the readers are hidebound supporters of the current family publishing dynasty, and content to let MWR force such “progress” on the church that the church will soon progress to the dismal state of demise which it already borders. And the principled resisters leave — whether church or journal — all the more sense of woe to rise within me.

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