Too much justified sin

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As I read MWR, I become frustrated by writers striving to justify sin as they follow the culture down the perilous pitch of pride. Where is repentance? Where is surrender? Are we more distraught about icebergs in the arctic than about human souls? Are we more concerned about “empires” than God’s glory? I am almost embarrassed to be known as Mennonite when I see what some “mainstream” Mennonites focus on. Are there no absolutes? Is there no right or wrong?

We are doing much harm by not pleading with sinners to humbly repent and by not sharing with them the “hope that is in you [us]” (1 Peter 3:15). If I reassure someone that the sin they are living in is endorsed by God, have I “loved” that individual into eternal agony? Or are we doubting hell also?

Truth is true whether we believe it or not. We are succumbing to Satan’s tactics when we justify the sin of seekers and condemn them to eternal suffering because we don’t want to cause conflict. Truth does divide at times.

It is time to say “enough” to the poor example that some in the Mennonite church are asking us to follow. Let us preach Christ crucified and resurrected and respond by repenting and surrendering to the Lordship of Christ.

Loren Yoder
Choix, Mexico

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  • Evan Knappenberger

    Most concerning to me is the collective sin of the mainstream church. Groupthink, power politics, ideological functioning, failure to truly relate… all more problematic and emblematic than the problem of sexuality, for example.

    Thanks for caring enough to speak up Senor Yoder.

    evan knappenberger

    • Lynn Miller

      And why is sexuality not a problem. The Word says it is.

      • Evan Knappenberger

        Ok, you’re right. that and trimming the corners of beards and circumcision… put it all down there Lynn. don’t want to contradict the word now.

        evan knappenberger

        • Lynn Miller

          You have to learn to rightly divide the Word of Truth. We are not Israel.

  • Freda Zehr

    i have become a recent reader of Mennonite World Review. It is indeed interesting to me, to read all the different opinions and how that to some Mennonites, certain issues stand out and are met with glaring criticism—for instance the acceptance of the gay and lesbian community. Having been mennonite since I was born, (and am now 82 years old) I observe that the rhetoric is just as critical, even tho the subject is different from when I was a plain little mennonite girl in the Lancaster conference. The discussions then were on plain clothes–cape dresses, black stockings. square corners on our head coverings,covering ribbons had to be visible looking at the person from the front, I recall that the editors of our LMS year book in 1953, told me that when the bishop who was overlooking the pictures, etc, and needed to pass their blessing on the book, observed that some of the females covering ribbons were not showing, and they were asked to draw them in on the picture before the book could be published, In looking at it afterward, we could pick out the ones that were real from the ones that were drawn in. As to the discussion of acceptance or not of the gay community, in years past I too thought it did not seem right. However while taking a course in community college after I was in my forties, we were asked to write a term paper on a controversial subject. I chose the homosexual one, due to the fact that a young male friend of mine was labeled that and I wanted to know more about it. So I set up interviews with several people who were admitted gays—several of them were mennonite christians. Wow! how my eyes were opened. I recall the day I changed my mind. The one young man I was interviewing I asked the question, “Weren’t you ever even once, sexually attracted to a female”? The young man turned to me, looked me in the eye, straight heterosexual female that I am, and returned the question, ” Were you ever sexually attracted to a female?” I know that the answer to that question must have been written in disbelief all over my face, because he smiled and said, “The way you looked just then, is exactly how I feel about the question, I don’t know why people keep insisting that we CHOOSE to be gay, I would cut off my arm to be normal, to feel normal, why would I want to disgrace myself, my family, and why would I choose to be an outcast and considered a sinner by my church. His smile turned to tears then and I reached out and held him in my arms and we wept together, and told him that for the first time I understood. I did not just stop with the interviews however. I researched medical journals and stories, and even the history of past years, etc. At the time of this course I was taking, I was working evening shift in a neonatal nursery. and during that time, we had a baby born with ambitious gentalia—-which is when a child is born with partial parts of both male and female gentalia. That night I sat down beside the doctor and asked him which sex they were going to call this. He explained to me that they had made a lot of mistakes in the past. If the child had the male organ, he was automatically called a boy, but later on the male child would develop female breasts and other things, one he said even had a uterous, which identified it as the other sex. So now he said that they do a lot of testing and ultrasounds, as well as hormone, etc. tests. So I had an answer for someone who recently asked me if it is true that I believed that homosexuality is born and not learned or chosen, I told him that was how I felt, he answer was, “Thats crazy, God don’t make no mistakes”. i told him then about the babies born with ambitious gentaliia, and he had nothing to say about that.
    ps i realize this post is much too long and I don’t expect it to be published but just had to get it off my chest! Freda Zehr

    • Lynn Miller

      Freda, I know compassion comes into play especially when we know individuals who say they were born as homosexuals. But we have to somehow still use the Word of God as the standard and God calls it sin. I believe there are several reasons why more and more people believe they are homosexual. Some are related to the estrogen like substances we eat and drink. Some are related to sexual child abuse. Some are related to the indoctrination children receive in our so called entertainment choices and music videos. Even cartoons are normalizing homosexuality. Church youth camps are places where young homosexuals approach the youth and plant seeds in their minds. All the reasons come from the fallen world we live in and Satan who is the god of this world is the source. Many homosexuals do not want to be limited and experiment with bisexuality so it is an entry into other things that can damage a soul even further. Now churches have lesbian pastors which is the ultimate normalization technique. Feminism destroys the family and tries to diminish male authority in the family and the church. The MCUSA has welcomed feminists for years and now homosexuality is advocated for. The main point is that if God calls it sin, then the individual will never be happy and in full fellowship with the Lord until they trust God to help them through this sin, just like all the rest of us must do with whatever sin we are subject to. When we truly love someone, we must teach them God’s Word – the Truth. No matter what president, what church denomination, what parent or friend tries to negate the sin of homosexuality, the individual still knows when they sin, just like we all know when we sin. I felt just as you do several years ago but the more I see how Satan is deceiving God’s children and the resulting damage, the more I understand the need for following God’s Word to us. Children are born with all sorts of deformities and conditions even cancer and drug addiction. I do not believe this is a result of God choosing to place this on one of us. It is a result of living in a fallen dying world. The church should especially be prepared to help its members through all of life’s difficulties by teaching His Word, His instructions to us. Not always easy, but nothing in this life is. Choose a church that believes in and teaches God’s Word.

      • Brian Arbuckle

        “…I would cut off my arm to be normal, to feel normal…” How revealing? Here’s a man who understands his condition.

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