A share of the blame

Dec 4, 2017 by

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The church must take some responsibility for men who violate women. For centuries we have misinterpreted Gen. 3:16-18, which lists four curses: weeds, sorrow in childbirth, man ruling over woman, and a woman believing she needs a man to be a whole person. We pull the weeds and declare childbirth to be a time of joy, but we have said it is normal for a man to rule over a woman and it is normal for a woman to believe she needs a man to be complete. God reversed the curse of male domination in the virgin birth of Jesus. When doing his greatest work in all of history, God did not even use a man (Matt. 1:20). And he recognized a woman’s worth apart from a man (Luke 1:48). We ask violators to repent. Are we willing to repent for our misinterpretation?

Nathan B. Hege
Lititz, Pa.

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  • Walter Bergen

    If “the Church” is to share responsibility for men violating women, then let us also lay at the feet of the feminist movement the unintended consequence that in the process of empowering women to take hold (equal) opportunity we have also made manhood a caricature in our popular culture. And that caricature has by osmosis entered our Church.
    Cultivating in our congregations honor, respect, chivalry, deference for one another, selflessness and a host of other fair and good attributes is the vocation of the redeemed community.
    Last I checked, H. Weinstein hasn’t attended a Mennonite Congregation. He worships at the Temple of Aphrodite-Hollywood.

    • Jane G. Lehman

      Please explain what you mean by caricature. Then please explain how equal opportunity for women caused this caricature. Jane G Lehman

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