A sinking ship

Feb 26, 2018 by

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The Martyrs Mirror picture of Dirk Willems rescuing his pursuer came to mind as I pondered the tragic state of Mennonite Church USA. I saw the church in the position of Dirk’s pursuer, helpless and drowning, and wondered: Where are the Anabaptists with biblical convictions like Dirk’s, who will rescue our beloved, floundering church?

I mourn for the Mennonite church I grew up in and respected for its acceptance of God’s Word as the final authority. There is a low view of Scripture in our midst today. Leaders question God’s Word, as Satan beguiled Eve by asking, “Did God really say?” (Gen. 3:1). Sadly, many church leaders today reflect the world’s thinking (Rom. 12:2) instead of being a light to the world (Matt. 5:14-16). There is compromise instead of conviction and accommodation to society instead of adherence to God’s principles.

How long will the church waver between two opinions (1 Kings 18:21)? Society’s opinion is that homosexual behavior is normal; God’s is that it is detestable and, unless repented of, will exclude one from God’s eternal kingdom. How sad that the church would spend more than three decades discussing an issue God settled long ago. As a result, many churches avoid the “hot potato” of sexuality. If believers are not taught biblical truths about such issues, how will they resist the deceptions of Satan and the brainwashing of society?

Joshua told God’s people to “choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve” (Joshua 24:15). I pray that the Mennonite church will choose to serve God and not society. Leaders of the church, I beg you, boldly teach God’s ways clearly outlined in the Bible. There may yet be time to salvage the church so that it does not become like the Titanic and slip into a watery grave.

Richard Keeler
Harrisonburg, Va.

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