What kind of God?

May 7, 2018 by

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Listening to discussions on pastoral leadership and church divisions, it sounds like we want strong leaders who lead in our preferred way and preach sermons that prooftext our theology. But I hear Jesus calling us to be his disciples and witness to him.

As a youth I memorized Psalm 23. I understood “Lord” as one who dominates and controls. Then I went into 1-W service in Puerto Rico. I purchased a Spanish Bible, and the 23rd Psalm read, “Jehova es mi pastor.” Jehovah is the name Moses gave to God at the burning bush. This is the God of mercy who saw the suffering of his people and delivered them. In the loneliness of my bunk­house room, with my Bibles and J.C. Wenger’s Introduction to Theology, the dominating and controlling God of our revival meetings became the holy God of mercy and grace.

In Pilate’s hall, the people had a choice between Jesus’ peace and love and Barabbas’ insurrection and murder. They chose Barabbas. Which is the world choosing, Christ or Barabbas? Look at the divisiveness in the church. Which are we choosing?

John F. Murray
Hesston, Kan.

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