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Feb 24, 2020 by

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I am pained and bewildered to see fellow Mennonites who are followers of Jesus and also follow Donald Trump. Both Trump and his policies are antithetical to biblical teaching. He has violated each of the Ten Commandments. Indeed, he breaks the Ninth Commandment every time he opens his mouth. He is a serial adulterer and has stolen untold millions from his creditors, workers and the American taxpayer. He is completely self-centered, worshiping only himself.

He is intentionally destroying God’s creation by denying climate change. He has given massive tax cuts to the rich while shredding the safety net for the poor. He has mistreated and oppressed aliens and the poor and appointed judges and officials who protect his illegal and oppressive policies.

He particularly despises Mennonite virtues of humility, honest dealings and love of enemies. Indeed, he proclaimed at the National Prayer Breakfast that he disagreed with Jesus on love of enemies and then attacked his perceived enemies.

I understand that many people who consider themselves Christians support Trump, including people whom I know and respect. I would urge all who do, however, to take a hard look at who he is and what he does and then turn back to the Bible. We cannot expect a national political leader to truly embody or implement Christian principles, but none in my 70 years has strayed so far from that path as Trump. I pray that God will deliver us from him before it is too late.

Timothy Stoltzfus Jost
Rockingham, Va.

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