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Jun 15, 2020 by

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The June 1 editorial, “Women Feel a Draft,” says, “Now registration happens automatically when applying for a driver’s license.” Yes, if you complete the online form that asks you for your national allegiance. Apparently Selective Service and the Department of Transportation have a convenient relationship that makes things easier for both parties.

But it is not true that you are legally required to be registered in order to get a driver’s license. I checked with an attorney, and he confirmed this.

I assist those who ask for help in getting registered by suggesting they follow these steps: 1) Get the form at a post office; 2) Fill out the form and write above your name these words: “By vir­tue of family values and church instruction, I am a conscientious objector to war in any form”; 3) Take the completed form and have it copied for your file; 4) Return the completed form to the post office.

Bob Hartzler
Wayland, Iowa

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