Conference encourages peacemaking, opposes drones

Organizers see a 'prophetic responsibility'

LANSDALE, Pa. — A conference critiquing drone warfare drew about 100 participants to Christopher Dock Mennonite High School June 24-25. “Faithful Witness in a Time of Endless War: Drone Warfare and God’s Call...

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Former Church of the Brethren leader takes WCC post

The former general secretary of the Church of the Brethren in the United States is taking on a new global role. Stanley Noffsinger became director of the World Council of Churches July 1. The ecumenical body counts...

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MC Canada moves in a new direction

Mennonite Church Canada delegates approved a proposal to shift the denomination’s emphasis from the national level to networking among area churches and created space for congregations with differing...

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MCC supports children during Ethiopian drought

Lunches help students stay in school and be able to learn

ADAMA, Ethiopia — It’s time for lunch at Remember the Poorest Community School, about 60 miles south of Addis Ababa. Students are digging into the pasta and buns on their plates. For some of these children,...

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Noah’s ark replica ready for a flood of visitors

Craftsmen follow biblical blueprint to build Creation Museum attraction

United by a vision to portray a vivid biblical story, Anabaptist architects, engineers, craftsmen and carpenters from many communities played a key role in the Ark Encounter project, which opened July 7 near the...

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Opinion: Faith-inspired, culture-bound

Lancaster Conference’s return to its tradition of independence shows how history and culture shape our faith and actions

We Mennonites often worry about compromises we make with secular culture. But just as often we are unaware of, or choose to ignore, the compromises we make by adhering to our religious cultures. Openness to the...

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Satire news site pokes fun at Mennonite quirks

The Daily Bonnet gets serious about funny stuff

The headlines seem too preposterous to be true: “Donald Trump proposes gigantic wall to keep out the Mennonites.” “New policy seen as ‘attack’ on traditional Mennonite cousin-marriage.” “Mennonite man...

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California bill could eliminate FPU religious exemption

Fresno Pacific University President Richard Kriegbaum has called on alumni and supporters to contact their state political representatives in support of FPU’s religious freedom. In late May, the California Senate...

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South Central Conference offers short-term home

MC USA region provides a haven beyond its geography

South Central Mennonite Conference has more than 30 congregations or church plants in Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas and even Mexico. So why would a congregation from northern Indiana want to be part...

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Mennonite Church Canada mulling future path

Assembly to consider proposal to eliminate national office, shift focus to regions, congregations

Sustaining Mennonite Church Canada’s ministry in the face of diminishing finances and a changing church landscape will be a main topic when Mennonite Church Canada holds its biennial assembly July 6-10 in...

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Maryland church celebrates 30 years of LGBTQ inclusion

HYATTSVILLE, Md. — Hyatts­ville Mennonite Church celebrated 30 years of welcome to LGBTQ people on June 12. More than 170 members and friends gathered to mark Hyattsville’s anniversary of official inclusion to...

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From refugee to sponsor: a 40-year journey

A child refugee from Vietnam in 1979 now sponsoring Syrian refugees with MCC Canada

As a 5-year-old resting in her mother’s arms at the bottom of a boat crowded with refugees, Nhung Tran could not have imagined the life she’s living now. A life as a doctor in Canada. A life where she is...

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Low German Bible school occupies unique niche

Students from across the Americas attend Mexico school

As far as its administrators and students are aware, Steinreich Bible School in northern Mexico is the only educational institution in the world that teaches about the Bible in Plautdietsch, or Low German. The...

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Opinion: We are not alone

Gospel is on the move; let's open our eyes, join what's already happening

God is at work and the gos­­pel is alive in our cities, towns and communities. This is the message Marty Troyer shares in his new book, The Gospel Next Door, released by Herald Press. Troyer is the pastor of...

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Burkina Faso community defuses conflict with love

In a land that closely resembles the place Jesus lived, his words still prove true. The people of Sidi, Burkina Faso, plant their fields with the tools and methods described in the New Testament. They draw water...

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MC Canada Youth Assembly canceled due to low numbers

WINNIPEG, Man. — Mennonite Church Canada’s Youth Assembly has been canceled. The event was planned for 200 people, but only a handful could commit. It’s a disappointment that Kirsten Hamm-Epp and her team of...

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