Can we share global vitality?

Survey explores how U.S. congregations make international connections

GOSHEN, Ind. — As U.S. Anabaptists prepare to host the Mennonite World Conference assembly in Pennsylvania next July, a new survey sheds light on the strengths and challenges of Mennonite Church USA’s existing...

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EMM team offers Christ-centered response to terrorism

Team says Christians, Muslims can make peace together

SALUNGA, Pa. — “Are Muslims trying to take over America?” “Who are the true Muslims, the peaceful ones or the violent ones?” “How should Christians respond to jihadi Muslims?” “Isn’t force the...

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Philadelphia Mennonite High School joins The City School

Schools merge as The City School, remain part of MEA

Philadelphia Mennonite High School has merged with another Christian school in the city, retaining the smaller school’s Mennonite affiliation and the larger school’s name. The City School opened its academic...

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MWC assembly will coincide with gatherings

Assembly Scattered will take place in more than 10 communities next July

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Gatherings across the United States are being planned to coincide with the Mennonite World Conference assembly next July. Assembly Gathered will take place July 21-26 in Harrisburg. Assembly...

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Local culture tours will add Pennsylvania flavor

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Registrants will be able to choose from 47 tours while attending the Mennonite World Conference assembly. Ten full-day tours will take place July 20. Registrants may choose among visits to...

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EMU welcomes Somali president back to campus

Summer Peacebuilding Institute alumnus has survived terrorists’ attempts to assassinate him

HARRISONBURG, Va. — Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud topped off his attendance at the historic U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit hosted by President Obama with an Aug. 7 visit to Harrisonburg, where he renewed...

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CPT aids refugees seeking safety in Iraqi Kurdistan

Christian Peacemaker Teams reports the brutal violence of militant Islamic State forces in Iraq has not changed CPT’s goals of partnering to transform violence and oppression, but it has affected how they go...

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Renewal group holds national conference

EAST EARL, Pa. — Three hundred Mennonite leaders and members from more than a dozen U.S. states and Canadian provinces gathered July 10-12 at Weaverland Mennonite Church for a conference sponsored by Anabaptist...

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Becoming good neighbors

Should Christians eat with Muslims? Nigerians consider their relationships

PORT HARCOURT, Nigeria — Fruitful relationships between Muslims and Christians are possible, even in places wracked by interfaith violence. More than 250 Bible school leaders took part in seminars on that subject...

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Incoming EMU softball player dies in ATV accident

Kaitlin Aylor, 18, of Madison, Va., died of brain trauma and internal injuries on Aug. 16 as a result of an accident in which she was thrown from the all-terrain vehicle in which she was riding. A 2014 graduate of...

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Visas one of MWC’s biggest hurdles

Thorough preparation aims to give everyone best possible chance of getting to U.S. next summer

Because visitors to the U.S. from the Southern Hemisphere often find it difficult to get visas, Mennonite World Conference is taking steps to try to keep the situation from limiting attendance at its global...

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Native Assembly pursues harmony

WINNIPEG, Man. — Harmony with creation was a dominant theme at Mennonite Church Canada’s Native Assembly. About 250 people gathered July 28-31 in Winnipeg under the theme “Ears to Earth, Eyes to God,” which...

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