Relief and relationship

MCC provides food, encourages understanding among people displaced by violence in South Sudan

About 70,000 of the more than 1.5 million South Sudanese displaced since December sought refuge at an Internally Displaced Persons camp in Awerial County, South Sudan. There they could find others who spoke the...

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Light in Albania

Convert from Islam runs a Christian school in formerly communist nation

Kelementina Shahini admits she didn’t know what she was getting into when she raised her hand at an evangelistic meeting. “My husband raised his,” she said, “and like a good Muslim wife I did the...

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Fresno Pacific University president resigns

FRESNO, Calif. — The executive committee of the Fresno Pacific University board of trustees has accepted the resignation of FPU President Pete C. Menjares, effective Sept. 11. Menjares had served as president...

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Pa. church moves into former Polish Catholic building

A Pennsylvania church plant’s journey to a permanent home passed through multiple habitats before arriving this year in a former Catholic church. Shenandoah (Pa.) Mennonite Church began when Pastor Dale...

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Bible, soccer at Congo camp

Event provides a forum for young Christians to learn to know each other and fellowship together

Nearly 150 Congolese youth traveled from nine provinces to attend the first Bible camp sponsored by the Mennonite Church of Congo July 14-20. For some, it was a journey of several days by boat, transport trucks or...

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Palestine peace seeker shares goal

Eating hummus together is not enough

LOMBARD, Ill. — A Bethlehem peacemaker recently challenged Lombard Mennonite Church and guests to pursue people-to-people strategies for building peace. Zoughbi Zoughbi, director of Wi’am Palestinian Conflict...

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Convictions of Amish beard cutters overturned on appeal

An appeals court in Ohio has overturned the convictions of 16 Amish people who were found guilty of hate crimes related to hair-cutting attacks in 2011. The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati announced...

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Cracking ‘stained-glass ceiling,’ women reach prominent pulpits

Each looks forward to the day when she is known simply as the pastor and not the woman pastor

Chicago. New York. Washington. In quick succession this year, three women have been chosen to lead historic tall-steeple churches in these cities. In May, Shannon Johnson Kershner became the first woman solo senior...

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Can we share global vitality?

Survey explores how U.S. congregations make international connections

GOSHEN, Ind. — As U.S. Anabaptists prepare to host the Mennonite World Conference assembly in Pennsylvania next July, a new survey sheds light on the strengths and challenges of Mennonite Church USA’s existing...

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EMM team offers Christ-centered response to terrorism

Team says Christians, Muslims can make peace together

SALUNGA, Pa. — “Are Muslims trying to take over America?” “Who are the true Muslims, the peaceful ones or the violent ones?” “How should Christians respond to jihadi Muslims?” “Isn’t force the...

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Philadelphia Mennonite High School joins The City School

Schools merge as The City School, remain part of MEA

Philadelphia Mennonite High School has merged with another Christian school in the city, retaining the smaller school’s Mennonite affiliation and the larger school’s name. The City School opened its academic...

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MWC assembly will coincide with gatherings

Assembly Scattered will take place in more than 10 communities next July

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Gatherings across the United States are being planned to coincide with the Mennonite World Conference assembly next July. Assembly Gathered will take place July 21-26 in Harrisburg. Assembly...

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