Vietnamese pastor severely beaten

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam — Nguyen Hong Quang, leader of the unregistered Vietnam Evangelical Mennonite Church, was severely beaten on his way to evening worship Jan. 18. A few minutes after leaving his home with...

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Pastors speak of renewal at new church network gathering

When Wesley Furlong first learned about Anabaptists, the discoveries broke his stereotypes. “There was such a crazy boldness when I had assumed a sheer passivity, a refusal to retreat and compromise where I had...

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Cultural divide splits MC USA in survey results

Though same-sex relationships dominate Mennonite Church USA conversations, the “real cultural divide” includes many deeply rooted factors, says Conrad Kanagy. “It’s quite clear now this is not one issue,...

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AMBS students join Fort Benning SOA witness

Annual School of the Americas march coincides with detention center action

ELKHART, Ind. — For the students who traveled from Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary to Fort Benning, Ga., in November, the experience of witnessing for peace and justice raised questions while it inspired...

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In Benin, economic empowerment born out of tragedy

COTONOU, Benin — It took the death of a child to create a community bank that brings more abundant life to many people in Benin. In the early years of the partnership of Mennonite Board of Missions, a predecessor...

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Bluffton forum game show puts Ebola in context

BLUFFTON, Ohio — The emphasis was on perspective in “Ebola and Fear: A Public Health Perspective,” offered by Ross Kauffman Jan. 6 in a Bluffton University Forum. Outlining the disease’s history, biology...

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Gay advocacy groups get space at KC convention

Same-sex relationship advocacy groups will be allowed space at the Mennonite Church USA convention for the first time this summer in Kansas City. The denomination announced Jan. 13 that church leaders have...

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Opinion: The Gnostics are back

An ancient heresy, reborn as American fundamentalism, draws Mennonite congregations away from following Jesus

The God-mission Jesus taught has always faced competing understandings. Within 100 years of Jesus’ resurrection, a powerful belief system known as Gnosticism developed within Christianity and threatened its...

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Planting opportunity, rebuilding lives

In five years since Haiti earthquake, MCC has put $16.9 million toward recovery

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Breezes flutter the sheer fabric hanging in the doorway of Gladys Joseph’s new home in Cabaret, 24 miles outside Haiti’s capital city of Port-au-Prince. There’s room in the yard for...

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Same-sex wedding a first for MC Canada

A Saskatoon, Sask., couple became the first same-sex couple to be married in a Mennonite Church Canada congregation on Dec. 31. Craig Friesen and Matt Wiens held a ceremony with family, friends and their church...

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Rare opportunity for transformative experience

MWC general secretary responds to questions about Pennsylvania assembly

Amid growing anticipation about the Mennonite World Conference assembly July 21-26 in Harrisburg, Pa., a number of questions keep surfacing within North American churches. MWC general secretary César García of...

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MC USA survey reveals divides on inclusion, organization

A new survey reports credentialed leaders in Mennonite Church USA have diverse views about membership and leadership roles for gay and lesbian people and about how the denomination might organize itself...

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Spanish officials endorse interfaith dialogue book

Government promotes understanding between evangelicals and Muslims

MADRID, Spain — The Spanish government’s Ministry of Justice has endorsed a book co-written by a Mennonite that presents a model of positive Christian-Muslim relations. The Spanish-language version of A Muslim...

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New sources give clearer view of abuse by theologian

Historian writes most complete account of leading ethicist’s long-term abusive behavior and slow response by church institutions

For years, hushed fragments of information circulated in certain circles. John Howard Yoder, the famous Mennonite theologian, did something wrong, but spe­cifics were scattered and elusive. Then, in 1992, reports...

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Peaceful theology, violent acts

Abuse of women by Mennonites’ leading theologian had far-reaching consequences; institutions’ slow response allowed the harm to continue

This is excerpted from a longer article, “ ‘Defanging the Beast’: Mennonite Responses to John Howard Yoder’s Sexual Abuse,” in the January issue of The Mennonite Quarterly Review, based on newly available...

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Opinion: For children of God on the edge, a space to celebrate

QUITO, Ecuador — In my work with refugees, I’ve realized that sometimes simply creating spaces for people is a powerful way to change the human experience. These are spaces where people feel a sense of...

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