CMU squashes false tale with story of growing relations

Seed-saving leads to indigenous relationships

WINNIPEG, Man. — Canadian Mennonite University made headlines this fall when it was revealed that workers at the CMU Farm, in collaboration with members of the Métis community, had successfully grown an ancient...

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MWC, MCC join international summit calling for religious freedom

Representatives of every stream of global Christianity met Nov. 1-5 in Tirana, Albania, for a consultation on “Discrimination, Persecution, Martyrdom: Following Christ Together.” The event was convened by the...

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Refuting false doctrine during Thanksgiving season

Thanksgiving’s roots in an encounter between European settlers and indigenous people point to a dark side of that history. Mennonites who want to raise awareness of unjust treatment of indigenous people are using...

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Canadian MB Conference organizes ‘God, Sex and Church’ study event

Representatives of the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches gathered for an Oct. 21-23 study conference to talk about something that is often avoided. “God, Sex and Church: A Theology of Healthy...

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Opinion: Riots are failed cries for justice

In 1966, Martin Luther King Jr. said, “A riot is the language of the unheard.” That comment resurfaced after riots by African-Americans in Ferguson, Mo., and Baltimore in the past two years. Deaths of young...

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Mennonites in France pray for Muslims

None of Mennonite Mission Network’s five international personnel in or near Paris was hurt in the Nov. 13 terrorist bombings, although each has been affected by them. “It took a little while to confirm that our...

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Virginia Conference leaders discuss same-sex attraction

HARRISONBURG, Va. — One hundred pastors and credentialed leaders in Virginia Mennonite Conference gathered Nov. 9-11 at Lindale Mennonite Church for a consultation on “Same-Gender Attraction, Relationship,...

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Lancaster panel reflects on changing Anabaptist world

LANCASTER, Pa. — From plain to acculturated, uniform to diverse, insulated to global, the Anabaptist movement has changed and will continue to do so. A panel of Mennonite and Brethren in Christ leaders assembled...

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Illinois Mennonite directs worldwide religious summit

One of the world’s largest and oldest interfaith organizations met in the U.S. last month, and an Illinois Mennonite orchestrated the final preparations and implementation. The Parliament of the World’s...

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AMBS forerunner began 70 years ago in Chicago

Seminary met a need for pastors trained in their own faith community

ELKHART, Ind. — In the spring of 1942, as World War II was intensifying, some American Mennonites were mobilizing to confront a growing challenge on the home front: the training of ministers and other church...

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Anabaptist siblings: Brethren renew historic connections with Mennonites

Since its founding in Ger­many in 1708, the Breth­­ren stream of Anabaptism has been associated with Mennonites, particularly for their shared opposition to war. Yet both groups have often overlooked their...

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EMM worker has lively encounters with Islam

Shenk teaches in Europe in midst of refugee crisis

Teaching at European seminaries in September, David W. Shenk said conversations everywhere were about how to respond to the continent’s refugee crisis. Shenk, a member of Eastern Mennonite Missions’ Christian...

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Hesston president to conclude at end of academic year

College's eighth president will have served 11 years

HESSTON, Kan. — Hesston College President Howard Keim announced Oct. 22 he will transition away from his role at the end of the 2015-16 academic year, concluding 11 years of leadership as the college’s eighth...

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Opinion: Hear the conservative voice

Those who fought for inclusion often fail to practice it themselves

The discussion in Mennonite Church USA about LGBTQ people in the life of the church seems not to welcome the conservative voice. Although many parts of the denomination still are largely represented by the...

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MCC learning tour explores mass incarceration

Participants confront systemic and spiritual complexities in Pennsylvania's criminal justice system

EPHRATA, Pa. — Sixteen participants in Mennonite Central Committee’s Pipeline to Prison learning tour journeyed through Pennsylvania’s criminal justice system, learning about law enforcement, sentencing,...

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Franklin Conference proposes departure from MC USA

Franklin Mennonite Conference is taking steps to leave Mennonite Church USA, citing concerns over other MC USA conferences’ allowance of same-sex relationships. A proposal to be discussed Nov. 12 during...

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