About MWR

Mennonite World Review is an independent journalistic ministry that has published a newspaper since 1923. Serving Mennonites and the global Anabaptist movement, MWR also publishes this website, including The World Together blog. All are owned by Mennonite World Review Inc., a nonprofit corporation based in Newton, Kan.

MWR is not sponsored or subsidized by any denomination, conference or agency. It depends upon readers’ financial support. Income is derived from subscriptions, advertising and readers’ donations.

MWR is governed by a nine-member board of directors.

MWR promotes unity within the Anabaptist family of faith, encouraging support for the work of the church and its related ministries. It seeks to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ as interpreted in the Anabaptist-Mennonite tradition.

— Paul Schrag, Publisher/Editor

MWR board of directors

— John Long­hurst, Winnipeg, Man., president
— Dawn Araujo-Hawkins, Kansas City, Mo., vice president
— Marty Troyer, Houston, Texas, treasurer
— Peggy Goertz­en, Hillsboro, Kan., secretary
— Moises Angustia, Brooklyn, N.Y.
— Larry Guengerich, Lititz, Pa.
— Stephen Kriss, Phila­del­phia, Pa.
— Marathana Prothro, Bluffton, Ohio
— Rachel Lapp Whitt, Bloomington, Ill.