Online advertising

CONTACT: Dana Neff, associate editor/business manager, dneff [at] mennoworld [dot] org

A PDF of ad rates and examples can be downloaded here.

File Formats
MWR accepts online advertising in file formats .jpg, .png, .gif and animated .gif

Types of Online Ads
MOBILE horizontal banner (720 x 160 pixels)
DESKTOP vertical banner (160 x 400 pixels)
HEADER horizontal banner (160 x 87 pixels) — desktop only

Online Ad Rates
An impression is counted every time a page that contains an ad is viewed.


NOTE: Post pages can fit up to three ads. Ads purchased after the first two slots are filled will be discounted 30 percent.

Ad on post pages One week
(approx. 9k impressions)
Two weeks
(approx. 18k impressions)
Three weeks
(approx. 27k impressions)
mobile & desktop $147 $269 $329


Ad on home page One week
(approx. 3k impressions)
Two weeks
(approx. 6k impressions)
Three weeks
(approx. 9k impressions)
desktop only $95 $189 $249


Ad on header One week
(approx. 10k impressions)
Two weeks
(approx. 20k impressions)
Three weeks
(approx. 30k impressions)
desktop header $40 $70 $99

 Advertisers with established credit are billed at the end of each month.
Terms: Net 30 days from invoice date. All accounts payable in U.S. funds.