Print advertising

Your ad in MWR’s print edition reaches 6,300 households, mostly in the United States.

To advertise, contact MWR staff:
PO Box 568, Newton KS 67114

Display Ad Rates
(per column-inch)

BASIC RATE: Black/white $25; Four-color $30
Extra-circulation issue (14,000): TBD: Black/white $38; Four-color $44
AGENCY RATE: Add 15% (includes commission)

Page & Column Specifications
Display ads may be configured from one to five columns wide and up to 16 inches high.
When ordering advertising in MWR, please give ad dimensions in column width and height
(____ columns x ____ inches). Ad space (in column-inches) is figured by multiplying.
For example: 2 columns wide times 4 inches high equals 8 column-inches.

Column widths:
One column — 1.95 inches
Two columns — 4 inches
Three columns — 6.125 inches
Four columns — 8.25 inches
Five columns — (full-page width) 10.4 inches

PRINTING: Web offset on newsprint.
FILE FORMAT: PDF. Display advertising composition available.

Classified Ad Rates

80¢ per word per issue for three or more consecutive issues
$1.00 per word per issue for two consecutive issues
$1.20 per word for one issue

EXTRA VALUE: All classifieds are posted on MWR website.

DISPLAY ADVERTISING: Thursday, 11 days before Monday issue date.
CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING: Monday, 7 days before Monday issue date.

Advertisers are billed at the end of each month.
Terms: Net 30 days from invoice date. All accounts payable in U.S. funds.