Print advertising

Your ad in MWR’s print edition reaches 6,700 households, mostly in the United States.

To advertise, contact MWR staff:
PO Box 568, Newton KS 67114

Display Ad Rates
(per column-inch)

BASIC RATE: Black/white $25; Four-color $30
Extra-circulation issue (14,000): Oct. 8, 2018: Black/white $38; Four-color $44 (closing date Sept. 27)
AGENCY RATE: Add 15% (includes commission)

Page & Column Specifications
Display ads may be configured from one to five columns wide and up to 16 inches high.

Column widths:
One column — 1.95 inches
Two columns — 4 inches
Three columns — 6.125 inches
Four columns — 8.25 inches
Five columns — (full-page width) 10.4 inches

PRINTING: Web offset on newsprint.
FILE FORMAT: PDF. Display advertising composition available.

Classified Ad Rates

70¢ per word per issue for three or more consecutive issues
90¢ per word per issue for two consecutive issues
$1.10 per word for one issue

EXTRA VALUE: All classifieds are posted on MWR website.

DISPLAY ADVERTISING: Thursday, 11 days before Monday issue date.
CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING: Monday, 7 days before Monday issue date.

Advertisers are billed at the end of each month.
Terms: Net 30 days from invoice date. All accounts payable in U.S. funds.