God who demands hospitality

Oct 2, 2019 by

In August I visited my friends the Issa family, who live just outside of Jerusalem in the refugee camp of Anata in Palestine. The wall that divides the West Bank from Israel literally runs through their...

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Lift high the cross

May 3, 2018 by

Recently, my friend’s cousin in Palestine was killed. Because we live in a 21st-century world with instant access, I watched on social media as his shrouded body was lifted high in the air and paraded down...

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Repent immediately

Jan 30, 2018 by

Jonah was a stubborn guy. In order to avoid being the messenger to the people of Nineveh, he booked a cruise heading the opposite direction of the place where God called him. When a storm kicked up, and the...

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For such a time as this

Oct 9, 2015 by

The story of Esther is an entertaining one, but I’ve been questioning this week what good it is to the church. This is a story where there are no truly good people, no heroes here. You know who you are...

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Providing kids with faith — and freedom to ask questions

May 21, 2015 by

On Sunday I baptized two young people in my congregation — one was 13, and one was 30. Both talked — from their own developmental place — about the importance of faith and the church in their lives. The...

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The gospel of enough

Apr 15, 2015 by

The following sermon was preached at Germantown Mennonite Church in Philadelphia, based on Acts 4:32-35. I hate to break it to you, but despite those verses in Acts, the church never really held all things...

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Loved — no matter what

Mar 11, 2015 by

I’d like to think that my kids, ages 11 and 14, would come to me and tell me anything. I would like to believe that there is no problem too big, too difficult or too painful for us to discuss. We’ve talked...

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Love makes us patient and kind . . . and also undignified and fierce

Oct 30, 2014 by

When my son was first born, something strange happened to me that can only be described as possession. I needed to hold him or have him near him all the time. When friends would come over to meet him, and...

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We still need to talk about Ferguson

Oct 10, 2014 by

I know, I know. The news cycle on this is over, and thoughts are elsewhere. But, Ferguson’s story happens in some form every day in our country. The sad truth is that too many folks consider brown bodies to...

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Give it a rest!

Aug 7, 2014 by

I say every summer, “this summer is going to be more relaxed than last summer.” And every summer it’s just not. It’s not that the summer is bad, but that it is more busy than I’d like it to be....

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Unity in a time of terror

Jun 5, 2014 by

This was going to be a post about Pentecost, a reflection on my family’s love for our city-wide Mennonite Pentecost service — a service that involves as many languages as the building can hold, a service...

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Unbind him and let him go

Apr 14, 2014 by

It’s good to be in the light, to be out in the open. But there is a bit of comfort to being in darkness, in the tomb like Lazarus. Because in the tomb, you know the landscape. You know the grooves and folds...

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