Book review: ‘Breakaway Amish’

Jun 20, 2016 by

As a distinct religious and social group, the Amish have grown used to having their lives reported and interpreted by outsiders. Scholars study them. Novelists and “reality” television shows tell stories...

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Book review: ‘An Increase in Time’

Apr 11, 2016 by

This is not an average congregational history. But Germantown Mennonite Church is not an average congregation. Richard Lichty, the author of An Increase in Time: Story Lines of Germantown Mennonite Church...

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What kind of Bible?

Mar 30, 2015 by

This book is neither a Bible commentary nor a Bible study. It is a personal reflection based on a life of pastoral ministry and social service. The author is now serving as pastor of two small Presbyterian...

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How to be Amish and happy

Dec 8, 2014 by

Dear Loren Beachy, When I heard about your book, I recalled that tourists visit the Amish, scholars study them and fiction writers use them with great success. It seems appropriate to hear directly from the...

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