Global Mennonite Brethren leaders boost Latin American churches

Aug 1, 2016 by and

The International Community of Mennonite Brethren gathered for teaching, decisions and encouragement during its annual summit June 2-5 in Panama City, Panama, with the theme of strengthening the church. “The...

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Global MB delegates build trust, use authority

Aug 31, 2015 by , , and

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. — Representatives from 21 national Mennonite Brethren conferences from around the globe met for the International Community of Mennonite Brethren annual summit July 26-29 at Messiah...

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Canadian MBs mourn Bethany College’s closing

Jun 8, 2015 by and

HEPBURN, Sask. — Bethany College’s 88th graduation April 26 was bittersweet with remembrance of the school’s impact on Mennonite Breth­­ren young people. The college’s board decided in December the...

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Manitoba church fills 100 panes with stained glass

May 11, 2015 by and

WINNIPEG, Man. — As fire transforms sand into glass, so God’s power transforms people into beautiful reflections. For a group of 20 from River East Mennonite Brethren Church, this truth became tangible as...

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Saskatchewan college to close after 87 years

Jan 5, 2015 by and

HEPBURN, Sask. — The board of Bethany College emerged from December meetings with sobering news: The current academic year will be the 87-year-old rural Sas­katch­ewan institution’s last. The college,...

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Clothed with faith, humor

Sep 29, 2014 by and

Jonathan Kornelsen’s teen-aged “Menno” T-shirt concept that made his father laugh out loud is taking root as a fundraiser around British Columbia and two other Canadian provinces. Now youth pastor at...

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Pacific shore is holy ground for Easter baptisms

May 12, 2014 by and

VANCOUVER, B.C. — The chilly spring waters of the Pacific Ocean didn’t deter 29 people from plunging beneath the surface this Easter as a public witness to the truth and power of the gospel. On April 20,...

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Bibles for Bolivians, to read or to listen

Apr 21, 2014 by and

WINNIPEG, Man. — Norman Brown’s goal is to distribute the Plautdietsch (Low German) Bible free to every home in Bolivia where the language is spoken. Since Mennonite Brethren publisher Kindred Productions...

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Dairy farms, church plants: a new legacy in Ukraine

Jan 20, 2014 by and

It has been almost a century since the Russian revolution and civil war initiated a Mennonite diaspora, and nearly as long since Mennonite Central Committee organized to begin relief operations back...

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