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A morning with ICE

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Edith Espinal’s daughter Stephanie, left, speaks outside the Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices Aug. 27 in Columbus, Ohio. She is joined by Morgan Harper, who is running for Ohio’s 3rd congressional district. — Joel Miller

On the morning of Aug. 27, eight of us gathered in a circle in the foyer at Columbus (Ohio) Mennonite Church and joined hands. We prayed for a successful morning. We prayed for strength and courage and peace. Then seven of us headed out the door and drove to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices in LeVeque Tower downtown. Edith Espinal stayed behind. There were about 50 of us total on the sidewalk outside the building, many holding signs. We were there to support the morning’s mission: to make an official application to ICE for a...

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Gloria Wolfe, BIC leader and roller derby team chaplain

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Chaplain Gloria Wolfe, top row, fifth from left, with the Dirt Road Dears. — Brethren in Christ U.S.

Gloria Wolfe is chaplain of the Dirt Road Dears. Wolfe has led ministry for more than 20 years at Jemison Valley Church in Westfield, Pa., with her husband, Gary, who now leads there as shepherding pastor. In 2015, she became the chaplain of the local roller derby team. As the only chaplain in the league, she has the opportunity to impact many lives. Q: Thank you for joining us, Gloria. First, can you tell us about roller derby and its culture? A contact sport, roller derby involves two teams skating counterclockwise around a track — with...

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Simplfying to be someone better

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September is one of a handful of “new years” many of us use to orient or mark time. The beginning of an academic year is a new beginning for many. It is a time to recalibrate, reorient, recommit or remind ourselves of important truths. The beginning of this “new year” is a particularly interesting one for me. Both of my kids started college this year. “Back to school” looks and feels different when you are the parent of young adults who are increasingly taking responsibility for themselves. I find myself in a reflective space....

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Western Anabaptists gather for writing conference

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Dorcas Smucker leads a workshop on how to begin writing at the Western Anabaptist Writers Conference Aug. 10 at Pioneer Christian Academy in Brownsville, Ore. — Dorcas Smucker

The first-ever Western Anabaptist Writing Conference is over. We call it WAWC, pronounced “walk.” It was held Aug. 10 at the new Pioneer Christian Academy in Brownsville, Ore., which used to be the old Brownsville Elementary School. Everything looked a bit mid-renovation because the old carpets were ripped out but the new ones weren’t coming until two days after WAWC. But you know how it is — 50 years from now, the old-timers will tell stories of how makeshift it was the first year, but oh my, what a good time we...

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The things I believe

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I believe in the God revealed in the Bible. The great and terrible Almighty and Eternal Creator of all things, who hates all unrighteousness. I believe that he is at the same time loving, merciful and compassionate, a father for the fatherless. He knows everything about us and wants us to know him and be with him for eternity. I believe the Bible as it is written. It was written by many different men over several thousand years, yet the more I read it the more I see that there was one mind guiding it every step of the way, the mind of the Holy...

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Lessons from Stan Eitzen

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I only knew Stan Eitzen for a short time before he passed away two years ago. He’s one of those people you continue to have imaginary conversations with long after he’s gone, though, and each fall, as I head back into the sociology classroom, our conversations come back. I met Stan accidentally and under embarrassing circumstances: I was a new visiting assistant professor of sociology and history at Bethel College. I was assigned a section of Introduction to Sociology, a course I’d never taught before. The book order had already been...

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An amazing Sunday afternoon drive

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Buggies are parked outside Martindale Meetinghouse near Heidelberg, Ont., as instruction classes focused on the Dordrecht Confession take place inside. — Sam Steiner

I’ve long had a respect for the Old Order and other conservative Mennonites of our region, and have been pleased to live in proximity to them. So it’s not surprising that one Sunday afternoon in June, our drive took us past the Conestoga Old Order Mennonite Meetinghouse near St. Jacobs, Ont. As we approached the meetinghouse, we saw young men on bicycles or with horses and buggies dash out of the parking lot.  We saw groups of young women walking energetically along the rural road. As we got closer, we saw dozens of young women — all...

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Altars that need to go

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The Old Testament stories are full of kings and priests. There were two differences: the ones who tore down altars and the ones who allowed them to stay. Several kings did what was right, but most of them didn’t. They were either influenced by their pagan wives, by previous kings, by politics or by the people. Hezekiah was one king who destroyed the high places, shattered sacred pillars, cut down poles and tore down altars that were used to worship false gods. The hold of previous kings and the people was heavy and strong. Each king had to...

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What’s so important about community anyways? A lot.

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What’s so important about community anyways? A lot. It’s the one word present in our mission, our vision and our core values statement. Here are three compelling voices on community, and why it matters so much to us. Sharon Daloz Parks spoke at Goshen College last month in the conference, “Healing the Heart of Higher Education.” The unprecedented challenges that we face, Parks said, require an educational community of “shoulder-to-shoulder mentoring.” To thrive, Parks said, we must seek community that offers us: — comfort, —...

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Bound by love

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The World Together Blog

When the lawyer finally got face time with Jesus, he poured out what was heaviest on his heart, “Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?” He groped for a guarantee. He wanted a divine will and testament. He was begging for a bill of rights. As usual, Jesus pivoted on freedom. He was never much into being The Bible Answer Man. He asked the lawyer how he interpreted the sacred text. The lawyer’s answer, according to Jesus, was spot-on. Eternity’s most valuable asset has nothing to do with where we go when we die. It is a...

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