Kinsinger: Let justice roll down like waters

Jul 13, 2020 by

I didn’t experience race tensions growing up. The rural community I grew up in was almost exclusively white. During my childhood, I remember getting to know only one black woman and her daughter who visited...

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Kinsinger: My life is unfair

Jun 1, 2020 by

I realized, my first Sunday morning volunteering at the Rusk County Jail, how very unfair my life has been. My sister and I sat across from two women in bright orange suits, locked with them into a small room...

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Kinsinger: How COVID-19 reset my mindset

Apr 20, 2020 by

As the map in The New York Times fills with red, I’ve been sorta blue. Thanks, COVID-19. Church, writers’ events, community gatherings — all canceled. COVID-19 corresponded with a natural bout of...

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Kinsinger: What I’ve learned about marriage (in 3 months)

Mar 9, 2020 by

Maybe it’s laughable for someone who’s been married three months to try to say anything at all about it yet. All the same, I know a whole lot more about marriage now than I did 91 days ago. Here are a few...

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Kinsinger: I made my own wedding dress

Jan 27, 2020 by

I made my own wedding dress. I have sewed dresses for myself since I was a teenager, moving from frustration and seam rippers to calm satisfaction in watching the pieces fit together, just so. My wedding dress...

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Miller: Our love story

Dec 9, 2019 by

This column is a combined effort by my fiance and me, written before our wedding on Nov. 23. Ivan: I like to read; therefore I get a few book catalogs. One day I noticed an ad for a new book, Anything But...

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Miller: The problem of choice

Oct 28, 2019 by

“I don’t want to call God an idiot or anything,” I told Ivan, “but if I had created the world, I would have done things differently.” Someone I love made a choice that hurt me, and that is why I said...

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Miller: Relationships held lightly

Sep 16, 2019 by

When I am sad or lonely, I like to hold a little bear my fiance gave me, whom I call DanDee after the name on his tag. I like to look at the red heart on DanDee’s chest. When I place four fingers on his back...

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You need Jesus, boy!

Aug 5, 2019 by

There is only one place in the world where I can walk into the local TV station and get instant coverage just by picking up the mic, smiling into the camera and announcing myself. That place is a First Nations...

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Miller: Lord, what about him?

Jun 24, 2019 by

What to you makes a satisfactory life? The apostle John writes of an incident soon after Jesus had risen from the dead that is very telling. Jesus had just prophesied Peter’s death by crucifixion. Peter, in...

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Miller: God, the mother who loves us best

May 8, 2019 by

In a bare, block-walled room I see them: young mothers. Their faces hang in that state of half-life between breath and desire, hungry. “Do you have any children?” I ask them. “How many?” “How old are...

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Miller: When kindness leaps 30 years

Apr 1, 2019 by

The story starts in 1981 when Grandpa and Grandma picked up the Xiong family — Hmong refugees with a passel of skinny, dark-eyed children — at the Eau Claire, Wis., airport. Well, actually the story starts...

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Miller: Grandma testifies

Feb 18, 2019 by

Tears come to my grandma’s eyes when she tells us goodbye and thanks us for coming to visit. “I’m not worthy,” she says. Silly Grandma. We have visited her seldom, far less often than she deserves. She...

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Miller: City stories

Jan 7, 2019 by

I sit in a departure lounge of Logan International Airport — late, late. Boston’s winter weather is chancy, and today — flying home for a visit — I drew the wrong straw. The lounge is empty except for...

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Miller: A new thing called Sattler

Nov 19, 2018 by

This fall, I moved from Rusk County, Wis., to Boston to attend college. Not one of Boston’s big-name institutions like Harvard or MIT, but Sattler, a college of a different stripe. Named for a 16th-century...

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Miller: Sweat-grimed poppies in my hands

Oct 8, 2018 by

Criminals and I have something in common: I view myself as a good person. Better than most, even. “Perhaps the most surprising discovery in my early years of trying to understand the criminal mind was that,...

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Miller: You have faith enough to pray

Aug 27, 2018 by

A book called Prayer, by Ole Hallesby — a Norwegian Christian who wrote in the early 1900s — changed my understanding of that basic-to-our-humanity, up-reaching thing we call prayer. I will share in my own...

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Miller: What my dad taught me

Jul 16, 2018 by

My dad smells of hay and manure, the soil and the outdoors, spiritually speaking. His relationship with God is a sturdy thing, like coveralls that have hung always in the basement between chorings and are...

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Miller: Things are rarely what they seem

Jun 4, 2018 by

I recently visited China with my younger brother Chad and returned home with a wealth of sensations and memories. China is a country both traditional and modern, atheistic and Christian, wealthy and poor,...

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Miller: I made a promise once

Apr 23, 2018 by

I made a promise once. I meant it with all my shaking soul. I think it would be difficult to recount what an influence that promise has had on my life, impossible to count how many times I have read it again...

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Miller: The most courageous woman

Mar 12, 2018 by

I met her at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, two and a half hours from my home in rural Rusk County, Minn. She was tall and dark and beautiful. She wore a bandana that covered her hair completely and gave...

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Miller: Good to be different

Jan 29, 2018 by

There are blonde jokes, lawyer jokes and Polish jokes. And then there are Mennonite jokes. As a Mennonite, and a plain Mennonite at that, I like the Mennonite jokes best. It is the perverse nature of humanity...

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