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Western District board condemns president’s reported remarks

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The leadership board of Mennonite Church USA’s Western District Conference on Jan. 13 condemned President Trump’s alleged vulgar and dismissive reference to certain countries. In a statement, the WDC Executive Board said it was “saddened and appalled” by words the president allegedly used Jan. 11 during talks about immigration reform, in response to lawmakers who asked about protections for immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and Africa. The remarks attributed to Trump, which many observers described as racist, caused a firestorm of...

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Book review: ‘More Than One Thing is True’

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"More Than One Thing is True"

I met Urbane Peachey about 20 years ago. I’d just accepted an invitation to serve as interim pastor for Community Mennonite Church of Lancaster, Pa. He was one of the pastors at Akron Mennonite Church, the congregation that birthed Community Mennonite. Both belonged to Atlantic Coast Conference. So our paths crossed from time to time. As a new pastor, I looked to pastors like Urbane to help me negotiate the dynamics of congregational ministry. He was a wise and generous mentor and colleague. In his memoir, More Than One Thing is True: Agony...

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Suspect arrested in deaths of U.N. investigators, but questions remain

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Michael J. Sharp

Another suspect in the killing of a Mennonite United Nations investigator in the Democratic Republic of Congo was arrested Dec. 29, but an understanding of who killed Michael J. Sharp — and why — continues to be unclear. Sharp and fellow U.N. investigator Zaida Catalan of Sweden were abducted while monitoring sanctions violations and possible war crimes by the Congolese national army and various militias. They were killed by unknown assailants on March 12, and their bodies were found March 27 in a shallow grave. The New York Times and...

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Kraybill: Awaiting an earthquake in Indiana?

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This dungeon at Philippi is the traditional place where Paul and Silas sang hymns at midnight. — J. Nelson Kraybill

In the name of Jesus, Paul and Silas healed a slave girl at Philippi whose owners exploited her for money as a fortune-teller (Acts 16). When the owners “saw that their hope of making money was gone, they seized Paul and Silas and dragged them into the marketplace before the authorities.” Officials beat the two, then clamped them in stocks in jail. There Paul and Silas prayed and sang hymns at midnight, when a violent earthquake shook the prison, setting all captives free. Next to the county landfill near my home in Indiana is a...

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Bible: We have a confession to make

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Meghan Florian

The language of confession is both under- and overused at present, in different ways. On the one hand, in church settings most of us practice confession in a corporate manner, speaking in unison our transgressions and our need for forgiveness, possibly without thinking too hard about what it all means. Why do we confess together? What does it mean to be accountable as a community? Likewise, perhaps we shy away from more specific, quiet confessions, to a neighbor whom we’ve wronged and with whom we wish to be reconciled, or to a spiritual...

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Former MC USA congregations join MB conference

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Jesse Swiers, pastor of Lake Region Mennonite Church near Detroit Lakes, Minn., speaks during the Mennonite Brethren Central District Conference convention in November, as representatives from churches joining the conference listen. — Janae Rempel/Christian Leader

HENDERSON, Neb. — Five former Mennonite Church USA congregations joined the U.S. Conference of Mennonite Breth­ren Churches Nov. 3-4. The MB Central District Conference welcomed the five churches, from the former North Central Conference of MC USA, by unanimous vote during its 107th convention at Henderson MB Church. “We are honored that God brought the former NCC into our district,” said CDC minister Rick Eshbaugh. “Their love for God’s word and enthusiasm for ministry have encouraged us, and we look forward to partnering...

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Kriss: Trying to see from another’s view

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Stephen Kriss

The final project of our Christian Ethics class last semester was a field trip rooted in the implications of what we learned. My small class of four students chose to focus on learning African-American history experientially. On a cold December Saturday we visited the African American Museum in Philadelphia. We took a walking tour including the slave market at Front Street and the President’s House, which tells of George Washington’s tricky slaveholding maneuvers during his presidency. We had walked this historic Independence Hall...

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Inspiring editorials

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“True Evangelical Faith” by Paul Schrag and “Convictional Inaction” by Rachel Stella were inspiring, challenging and based on sound Anabaptist theology. As evangelical Christians, our first allegiance should be to Christ’s kingdom, not to the kingdom of this world. I agree with professor Richard Kyle that many evangelicals believe we have influenced American culture for good, when in fact we have simply allowed our faith to become Americanized. For many years I have had Menno Simons’ statement of “true evangelical faith” on my...

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Couple retire after decades of mission work in Spain

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Dennis Byler, left, teaches a Greek New Testament class at the El Escorial seminary. — Ryan Miller/MMN

ELKHART, Ind. — Connie and Dennis Byler, serving with Mennonite Mission Network, watched Anabaptism take root in Spain in their 37 years of ministry there. They helped tuck seeds into the ground tilled by the Catholic renewal movement of the 1970s. They tended the young growth of church plants. And now they rejoice at the fruitfulness of vibrant congregations multiplying within Spain and sending out mission workers to West Africa. “I’ve been blessed to do what I love,” said Dennis Byler several weeks before the couple’s retirement...

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Truly evangelical

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I appreciated your editorial, “True Evangelical Faith” (Jan. 1), but I wonder if your readers understand the difference between modern evangelical faith and true evangelical faith as understood by Menno Simons. To me, the foundation of modern evangelical faith is a series of faith statements (see, and these faith statements are used to draw lines of separation between congregations and people. I would hope these statements of faith are there to help us express our faith rather than separate us. The foundation of true...

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