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VMMissions responds to Albania earthquake

By on Jan 20, 2020 in Latest Issue, News | 0 comments

Roma families receive care packages in the Albanian gymnasium serving as a temporary earthquake shelter. — Virginia Mennonite Missions

Virginia Mennonite Missions responded to the strongest earthquake to hit Albania in more than 40 years with funding for temporary shelters, trauma counseling and repairs for a Mennonite school. Northwestern Albania was struck by a 6.4-magnitude earthquake Nov. 26 that killed 52 people and injured about 3,000. It was the deadliest earthquake to hit the nation in 99 years. The earthquake’s epicenter was about 20 miles south of Lezhë, home of a VMMissions long-term mission team and Lezha Academic Center, a member of Mennonite Schools...

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In MCC’s centennial year, relief sales keep evolving

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Mark Goertzen of Goshen, Ind., created 40 commemorative centennial pitchers for Mennonite Central Committee relief sales and fundraisers in 2020. — Mennonite Central Committee

As one relief sale sets a lofty goal to celebrate Mennonite Central Committee’s centennial in 2020, others continue a trend of reinvention to be smaller and less reliant on scores of volunteers. The Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale board began publicizing in December its goal to raise $1 million for MCC this spring — above and beyond what the sale will raise April 17-18 in Hutchinson, Kan. Thus far, no other sales have indicated a goal that high. Kansas sale board chair Jim Robb said the process of asking individuals and families to donate...

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Can we beat our addiction to war?

By on Jan 17, 2020 in Latest Issue, The World Together | 1 comment

The World Together Blog

The U.S. military strike that killed Qassem Soleimani, the head of Iran’s military force, has raised questions in the minds of many Americans about what we believe about military action and warfare. From my peace-church friends I have heard expressions of anger, frustration and sadness. Friends who hold a just-war ethic believe there are moments that require quick and specific military action in the name of peace and freedom. This moment has revived debates about the military actions of past U.S. presidents and partisan arguing about...

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Kennel-Shank: Everything is mission

By on Jan 13, 2020 in Columns, Kennel-Shank: Living Simply, Latest Issue | 0 comments

Celeste Kennel-Shank

Mission is a word that evokes a wide variety of responses in people I know. In some contexts it’s primarily connected to spies, the military and movies about both. For others it carries baggage from past ways Western Christians spread the gospel — ways that need to be repented of and changed. Even for some most involved in church circles, hearing the word can elicit groans, especially when it’s turned into an adjective or adverb. But at the end of the day, there isn’t a better word for this aspect of the life of discipleship and the...

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Kriss: Saturday night at Chick-Fil-A

By on Jan 13, 2020 in Columns, Kriss: On the Way, Latest Issue | 0 comments

Stephen Kriss

I turned around to see a young woman with a blue hijab trying to stop a girl squealing loudly and running. It’s a Saturday night in Lancaster County, Pa. The Route 30 Chick-Fil-A is filled with those of us needing our chicken fix before Sunday. Many people are wearing something on their head. There’s a woman with a black lace prayer covering. There are white dudes in cowboy hats and baseball caps. There’s a light-skinned guy with an Eagles hat. There’s a group of young people, all of them white, with red Trump 2020 hats. I wonder if...

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Cleaning out the barn

By on Jan 13, 2020 in Latest Issue, Letters | 1 comment

Politics is kind of like manure. If we tell ourselves we can avoid being political, it piles up in our barns, creates a stink and makes the animals sick. Political interactions are a normal part of everything from family systems to churches to international relations. It’s not whether but how we are political. We are best served to pull on our boots and shovel the manure to where it can compost and produce healthy growth. If we’re not honest about such things, they have a way of piling up and overflowing into the kitchen. Enlightened...

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‘Unholy collusion’

By on Jan 13, 2020 in Editorial, Latest Issue | 2 comments

The fate of Donald Trump’s presidency transcends politics. Moral and ethical concerns about the president pose a test of religious principles for people of faith. The soul of American evangelicalism is at stake. Evangelicals’ loyalty to a corrupt and immoral president has damaged the reputation of Christianity in the United States. Yet a chance exists for a measure of redemption. After the House of Representatives voted for impeachment on Dec. 18, the hope to restore a high ethical standard for the presidency lies with those who call for...

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Kraybill: Revolt’s unintended results

By on Jan 13, 2020 in Columns, Kraybill: Holy Land Peace Pilgrim, Latest Issue | 0 comments

Kraybill: Revolt’s unintended results

No, I didn’t slide open the tomb of an ancient revolutionary in Israel. But I did rest on the half-open lid of what might be his grave at the town of Modi’in and consider what it takes to provoke oppressed people to revolt. Violence erupted at Modi’in in 167 BCE when the foreign ruler Antiochus IV tried to force all of Judea to abandon loyalty to Yahweh and accept Greek gods. Ready to embrace the foreign culture, some Judeans built a gymnasium in Jerusalem and even tried to remove marks of circumcision so they could exercise naked in...

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Courageous witness

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I commend Christianity Today’s courageous and prophetic editorial concerning President Trump. Franklin Graham challenged Christians to pray, fast and vote. I agree and believe righteousness will rule when we truly seek the Lord. It is righteousness, not self-serving actions and narrow nationalistic agendas, that will exalt a nation and truly make America great. The Jewish leaders of Jesus’ day did not call out Herod for his evil acts. They liked Herod. He expanded the temple. It took John the Baptist to call him to account. Many German...

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Bible: The clash of king and covenant

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Ted Grimsrud

The eighth chapter of 1 Kings may capture the ­moment in the Old Testament where the two great cov­enants — Davidic and Mosaic — come together with the most harmony. Solomon, David’s successor as Israel’s king, leads the dedication of the new temple meant to provide a central location for Israel’s religious life. We are told of God’s commitment to David’s descendants that they will remain on “the throne of Israel” should they continue to “walk before” God (8:25). Then we read an extensive litany based on the law of...

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