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MCC may allow exceptions to ‘lifestyle expectations’

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Mennonite Central Committee’s U.S. and Canada boards have approved the possibility of exceptions to the “lifestyle expectations” for some MCC personnel, although those parameters have not been completely defined. The updates came as the boards reviewed MCC’s human resources framework at their annual joint meeting March 16-17 in Abbotsford, B.C. Human resources is one of eight frameworks that are approved by the two boards to govern MCC’s work in relief, development and peace, which are reviewed regularly on a four-year cycle. Before...

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Scholars uncover hidden stories of the Holocaust

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Bethel College students Jacob Russell, left, of Lawrence, Kan., Albert Bratthammar of Gothenburg, Sweden, and Henry Baxter of Dothan, Ala., talk with Mark Jantzen, center, Bethel professor of history, and Doris Bergen of the University of Toronto. — Vada Snider/Bethel College

NORTH NEWTON, Kan. — In 2004, Joachim Wieler of Wei­mar, Germany, opened a small wooden box he inherited after his mother’s death. To his surprise and horror, it contained letters his late father wrote while serving as an officer in the Wehr­macht, the armed forces of Nazi Germany. “I almost fell off the chair,” Wieler said, speaking to more than 200 people at a conference on “Mennonites and the Holocaust” March 16-17 at Bethel College. Writing from France in 1941, at the height of the Nazi conquest of Western Europe, Johann...

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Beekeepers learn about caring for creation, community

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Ryan Goertzen-Regier captures a wild honeybee swarm to add to Sugargrove Apiaries’ hives of bees. — Anthony Esau

NEWTON, Kan. — Two co-workers at Mennonite Mission Network have discovered that even with a full-time “city job,” beekeeping is a great way to keep the boy on the farm. Several years ago, when former farm boys Ken Regier and Ryan Goertzen-Regier swapped ideas about beekeeping, they decided to launch Sugargrove Apiaries. They acquired equipment and expertise from former beekeeper Harold Thiessen, collected some swarms of their own and learned the ropes through their fair share of bee stings. Today, they tend eight hives in rural Harvey...

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Book review: ‘Living on the Edge of the Edge’

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"Living on the Edge of the Edge"

The cover of Living on the Edge of the Edge: Letters to a Younger Colleague shows a dramatic photograph with a deep and beautiful canyon in the background. In the foreground is a cairn mounted on the upper shelf of the cliff. A mound of rough stones built as a memorial or landmark, a cairn is recognizable as a way to mark trails in the wilderness. Living on the Edge of the Edge is a compelling book of essays written from Ruth Elizabeth Krall to a colleague, reflecting her lifetime of experiencing and studying some of the Mennonite church’s...

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Bible: Glory of God, and the priest-king

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Reta Halteman Finger

Last week, we readers were part of the crowd of Israelites at the original Temple Mount in Jerusalem for the dedication of the first temple. The chapters leading up to this moment are filled with descriptions of its building — the measurements, the materials, the furnishings, the placement of the Ark of the Covenant, the sanctifying role of the Levites in managing the most holy site in the world. When all is ready, Solomon — now in his priestly role — leads a lengthy prayer of dedication in 2 Chron. 6:12-42. And then — fireworks!...

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Miller: The most courageous woman

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Lucinda J. Miller

I met her at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, two and a half hours from my home in rural Rusk County, Minn. She was tall and dark and beautiful. She wore a bandana that covered her hair completely and gave her a bit of an exotic look, as though she had originated in a country not America. Her tongue, when she spoke, gathered up her syllables, rolling over her r’s in an unfamiliar way. “Are you Muslim?” she asked. I realized that she had never met a conservative Mennonite before and did not know what to make of my dress and white mesh...

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Powell: Elders help youth find their voice

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John Powell

I asked a friend how he understood the current assault on civil and human rights. He replied, “Same song, different concert hall. Ghost of Colonialism in A Minor.” This began an interesting conversation about the times we live in. The societal climate is not new to marginalized people. The difference is that acts of vengeance are happening beyond the margins. The perceived superiority of white folks is being upended. They are feeling what it’s like to be oppressed. Recently I talked with friends about retirement plans. One said he...

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Showalter: God still tends roots

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Richard Showalter

Fran Martin, a Mennonite woman in eastern Pennsylvania, accompanied a friend to India 10 years ago. She was certain she would never return to India. She was wrong. While there, she met a young West Bengali Christian who had grown up begging on trains to assist his handicapped parents put a little food on the table. Jagannath Banerjee was orphaned in his teens and came back home from a South Indian school with nothing except a vision to reach his people for Christ. Martin became his “mother,” and during the next decade, God forged an...

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Yoder-Short: Stories rely on empathy

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Jane Yoder-Short

Have you ever wondered about her story, that woman caught in adultery? We know nothing about her situation. Contrast this with the Samaritan woman, where we know about her five husbands and her latest live-in partner. We meet the adulterous woman in the middle of her story. Was she a willing participant in a scheming male-dominated power play? Was a trap set to catch her? And how did her male partner escape public shaming? She enters the story as an object useful for trapping Jesus. When it comes to the drama between Jesus and the scribes and...

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German church finds a different way to reach out

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Claudia Stangl leads a Kirche Anders event Jan. 21 in the Landau, Germany, train station. — Landau Mennonite Church

Not far from the Czech and Austrian borders, a little Bavarian congregation has started doing church differently. Last fall, members of Landau Mennonite Church in Germany began hosting Kirche Anders (Different Church) on a handful of Sunday evenings in the train station across the street from the church building, in addition to regular Sunday morning worship. The goal is to offer nudges toward God in a setting that feels safe for people uncomfortable with church. Kirche Anders team leader Claudia Stangl said members of the church had been...

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