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Tanzanian bishops dream big

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Participants gather at a retreat for new bishops and their wives in Arusha, Tanzania. Front row, from left: Bestina Sigira, Sharon Mkisi, Rachel Kisare, Phanuel Mesha, Jewel Showalter, Takasa Wambura, Gloria Bontrager, Jessica Wadugu, Agnes Matuntera, Debbi DiGennaro and Winnie Mutorela. Back row: Kennedy Sigira, Albert Randa, Nelson Kisare, Gerry Keener, Noah Kaye, Richard Showalter, John Wambura, Joe Bontrager, Enosh Wadugu, Emmanuel Mwita Matuntera, Rwanga Chris Kateti and Joseph Muterola. — Joni Kellar/EMM

ARUSHA, Tanzania — New bishops have big dreams for the Tanzania Mennonite Church. Among other ambitious goals, the bishops have a strategic plan to share the gospel with a million people by 2034, the 100-year anniversary of their church, known in Swahili as Kanisa la Mennonite Tanzania, or KMT. When more than half of the KMT bishops retired at the end of their terms in January, younger leaders were elected to take their place. Emerging visions for the church’s future were shared and encouraged at an Eastern Mennonite Missions-hosted...

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Congo Mennonites suffer ‘major wounds’

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​Mennonite Church of Congo leaders head the graduation procession at Kalonda Bible Institute in 2012: Joly Birakara, vice president; Adolphe Komuesa, president; and Marcelin Mbalo, Komuesa’s wife. Classes had to be suspended this year due to violence. — James Krabill/MMN

The Mennonite Church of Congo has sustained “major wounds” to its people and infrastructure, said Adolphe Komuesa Kalunga, the church president. Komuesa was reporting on the annual administrative council meeting May 19-21 in Kikwit, Democratic Republic of Congo. He named 10 congregations unable to gather for worship due to violence before saying he could not list all the places people had fled. Fields are left untended, so hunger is pervasive. “It will get much worse in the coming weeks,” Komuesa said. “Most of our members are hiding...

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Goshen College announces candidate of choice for president

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Rebecca Stoltzfus

GOSHEN, Ind. — The Goshen College Presidential Search Committee announced alumna Rebecca Stoltzfus as its candidate of choice to become the college’s 18th president during an all-campus gathering May 24. She would follow in the footsteps of her father, Victor Stoltzfus, who was president of Goshen from 1984 to 1996. Stoltzfus is vice provost for undergraduate education at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y. She oversees initiatives to enhance undergraduate instruction and campus efforts to support inclusivity and academic success. She also...

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Serving with Mennonite Disaster Service leads to baptism

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Jeff Haight, right, pastor of West Point (Calif.) Community Covenant Church, baptizes Kory Jones, a Mennonite Disaster Service volunteer, on April 14 in the Mokelumne River. — Mennonite Disaster Service

Serving with Mennonite Disaster Service led to a personal experience of resurrection, symbolized by baptism on Good Friday, for Kory Jones. At the time of his April 14 baptism, Jones was an MDS volunteer. He also was recovering from substance abuse, was unemployed and had lost his wife, home, truck and reputation because of his addictions. He started attending Vine­wood Community Church in Lodi, a Mennonite Brethren congregation about a hour from the MDS project camp in Calaveras County. There he learned of a need for MDS volunteers to...

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Bible: The weak made mighty

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My wife, Gloria, tells about the time her mother used the story of Jael, Sisera and the fatal tent peg for the children’s story in church. Parents were aghast, but she just said, “It’s in the Bible.” Indeed, it is found in the bloody Book of Judges. The book covers a 200-year period when Israel went back and forth between being faithful to God and worshiping the Baals, the gods of the Canaanites. When God allowed the Israelites to suffer defeat, they cried for deliverance. God answered their cry, but the results were mixed. The judges...

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Kehrberg: Means, ends and baking pies

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Sarah Kehrberg

As we walk through the world, even along the dangerous paths we have chosen for ourselves, God worries about where we put our feet. — Tony Earley Each year my church has a smoked chicken dinner and bake sale fundraiser for our mission budget. I have always enjoyed baking, particularly making pies. When I was invited to contribute to the bake sale, I went straight to my kitchen and grabbed my rolling pin. I made eight pies and could not have been prouder. Eight! I took photos. I called my mom. I couldn’t wait to show up with my...

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Conrad Grebel names business leader new president

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Marcus Shantz

WATERLOO, Ont. — Marcus Shantz will become Conrad Grebel University College’s eighth president Oct. 1. The Board of Governors cited Shantz’s leadership skills, contributions to local business and arts organizations, engagement in the local and global church and firsthand knowledge of Grebel and its stakeholders. “Marcus is a strong supporter of the college’s unique identity and mission,” said board chair Fred Redekop. “His business and administrative experience and his background in law have equipped him to lead strategically,...

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Science of creation

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Burton Yost (Letters & Comments, April 24) appears to suggest the biblical creation narrative is not supported by science and therefore we must validate its truth elsewhere. He also suggests evolutionary theory is supported by science. This is not the case. Science supports the creation narrative. Due to the utter lack of scientific evidence for evolutionary theory, we should no longer give credence to it. Biologist Michael J. Denton, in Evolution: A Theory in Crisis (1984) and Nature’s Destiny (1998), has been instrumental in showing...

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Book review: ‘Smart Compassion’

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'Smart Compassion'

How radical should radical hospitality get? If you are open to having foster children in your home, is one enough, or should you have two or four or maybe eight? At what point do you set a boundary? A foster parent himself, Wesley Furlong explores this and similar challenges in Smart Compassion. A church leader and nonprofit founder now living in Pennsylvania, Furlong leads readers into an exploration of community-based ministries that unify the head and the heart. One might think making compassion smart requires head knowledge. This book...

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Showalter: Tanzanians’ audacious goal

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Richard Showalter

It is exciting to witness how Anabaptist churches of the Global South are pursuing their goals. Tanzanian Mennonites may be the most ambitious of all. The Tanzanian Mennonite Church — in Swahili, Kanisa la Mennonite Tanzania, or KMT — is a group of about 65,000 members, now more than 80 years old. The KMT is divided into 10 regions, known as dioceses, each led by a bishop. Two hundred thirty pastors serve one or more congregations. In 2034 the KMT will celebrate its 100th anniversary. In preparation, the leaders are unveiling an ambitious...

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