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Rocks that talk, angels who uplift

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The World Together Blog

As a farm girl, one of the spring tasks was picking up rocks from our Minnesota acreage. Before we planted soybeans and corn, the black loam needed to be cleared of rocks. It seemed that the winter snows and then spring thaws had yielded a crop of stones, some easily picked up. And then there were the occasional larger ones that required two hands — or a dad. In any case, the rocks were moved away. The story from Matthew 28 is slightly different from the other three Gospel accounts. It was only two women (Mary Magdalene and the “other”...

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MCC works to address pandemic amid decreased revenue streams

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Mennonite Central Committee is continuing its work around the world, helping to limit the spread of coronavirus, even as COVID-19 dimishes events and activities that support MCC. Water, sanitation and hygiene, health and food programs address the threats of COVID-19 for some of the world’s most vulnerable people, including displaced people. MCC is scaling up this work in some locations. Many MCC partner organizations bolster health efforts by providing training about nutrition, hygiene and disease prevention and by strengthening access to...

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Mennonite Disaster Service closes all projects

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Curtis and Heather Funk of Winkler, Man., work on a house in Marianna, Fla., one of the Mennonite Disaster Service projects shut down due to COVID-19. — Paul Hunt/MDS

LITITZ, Pa. — Mennonite Disaster Service has closed all current projects and suspended all summer programs due to COVID-19. “It has been a turbulent and challenging time for all of us at MDS, as it has for everyone in the U.S., Canada, and the whole world,” said executive director Kevin King. The decision to close the current projects was hard, King said, but the right one. “We knew it would put a lot of stress on volunteers as they said hurried goodbyes to homeowners and local partners, along with having to quickly close things up,”...

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Coronavirus sparks creativity

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Wanda Reinford Martin, Emilia Reinford Martin and Terry Reinford Martin sing near Karen Davidson’s window at Courtyard Healthcare in Goshen, Ind., while Bruce Miller, right, holds a phone for Davidson to be able to hear. — Teresa Dutchersmith

The people who came on Sunday, March 22, to Mellinger Mennonite Church in Lancaster, Pa., never got out of their cars. Pastors Roger Weaver and Dan Cloyd offered drive-through prayer in the carport throughout the morning for anyone interested. The project is one of many ways pastors and congregations are finding creative new ways to minister among themselves and their neighbors during a virus pandemic that limits physical interactions. Weaver said the idea began as a last-minute thought the previous Sunday, but picked up more interest a...

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Paraguay’s president visits farmers in western Chaco

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Paraguayan President Mario Abdo Benitez, in a blue shirt, visits Mennonite farmers Feb. 12 in Loma Plata in Menno Colony in the Chaco. With him in the picture are colony high school students, Gustav Sawatzky and Alwin Kauenhowen. — Die Mennonitische Post

LOMA PLATA, Paraguay — Paraguayan President Mario Abdo Benítez and other political leaders visited Mennonite farms and attended the inauguration of a health post, a school expansion, a new road and a bridge Feb. 12 in the village of Virgen del Fátima. Other dignitaries on the trip included vice president Hugo Velázquez, minister for public buildings and communication Arnoldo Wiens, minister of agriculture and livestock Rodolfo Friedman, minister of health Julio Mazzoleni and Luis Alberto Villordo, head of the national power...

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Virus pandemic impacts MCC

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Precautions to limit the spread of coronavirus during the global COVID-19 pandemic create significant impacts on the work of Mennonite Central Committee. Nearly every thrift store that raises funds to support MCC has decided to temporarily suspend operations or reduce hours to protect the health and safety of shoppers, volunteers and staff. In recent months, U.S. thrift shops provided about $627,000 per month to support MCC work. Spring is also relief sale season. Sales have been canceled or postponed in Fresno, Calif.; Harvey, N.D.;...

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Canada’s curling clergy put faith, fellowship on ice

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Gerald Heimpel, left, and Reid Kennel sweep a rock on March 5 during the Friars’ Briar, an annual Canadian clergy curling tournament held this year in Waterloo, Ont. — Emily McFarlan Miller/RNS

WATERLOO, Ont. — David Martin couldn’t catch a break. Even when he made a perfect shot, his opponent caught a lucky bounce and beat him. Things went so bad, his teammates started quoting the Psalms. “You can’t say our cup runneth over,” one of them said. In the end, however, Martin —who, when not “skipping,” or leading, a curling team, is executive minister of Mennonite Church Eastern Canada — was gracious in defeat. “God must’ve understood his ego needed it more than mine,” Martin joked afterward with a group of...

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King: See me

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Michael A. King

A blessing of six grandchildren is the chance to learn again a key longing of being human: “See me.” The ache to be seen is fundamental. It shapes us from beginning to end and through everything in between. But, oh, how it shapes us as we begin. I see this in each grandchild. And I’ve found that with each the moment when we mutually experience the seeing changes our relationship forever. I could give many examples; let me try three representative ones. I’ll always remember Maya that day we Skyped across a continent. She was nine-ish...

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Clergy unite for mothers and activists who took over vacant house

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Activists in support of people occupying a vacant home link arms in a barricade as police arrive March 14 in Los Angeles. The occupied home is owned by the California Department of Transportation. — Reclaiming Our Homes

LOS ANGELES — Activists, clergy and residents gathered March 15 to pray for a group of mothers and housing activists known as “The Reclaimers” after they took over a vacant, state-owned property as a place where they could shelter from the coronavirus. As public health officials urge social distancing to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, the homeless and their advocates are calling on city and state officials to use all vacant properties to house people who are unable to self-quarantine. The Reclaimers include Benito Flores, a...

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Anabaptist World seeks executive director

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A search has begun for an executive director to lead Anabaptist World Inc., the independent journalistic ministry being formed by The Mennonite Inc. and Mennonite World Review Inc., presenting a unique opportunity for an individual to shape a new era of Anabaptist journalism. The successful candidate will serve as chief executive officer of the nonprofit to be formed in September by the merger of TMI and MWR Inc. The new executive director will bring broad, incisive vision to Anabaptist World Inc. and will be responsible for strategic...

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