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Report cites pastoral protection in Virginia abuse case

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An external review of responses to reports of sexual abuse in a Virginia congregation has led Mennonite Church USA staff to conclude the lead pastor acted in ways that protected the alleged perpetrator, to the detriment of caring for the victim. In their response to the report, the staff members recommend ways to prevent future problems, including “regular trainings on healthy boundaries” for all pastors in the denomination. On Jan. 14, MC USA released a report by D. Stafford and Associates, along with a list of findings by MC USA...

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Yoder-Short: Unworldly fashion statements

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Jane Yoder-Short

“Maybe they are the lucky ones.” His words surprised me. The discussion was about a local faith variety where the young women are easily spotted in their homemade dresses and coverings, while the young men blend into the “world.” Some fellows have become surprisingly fashionable. I declared, perhaps smugly, that this is unfair to women. Then I heard, “Maybe they are the lucky ones.” This friend felt that since it is easy to become acculturated, their appearance is a reminder of who they are. I read MWR columnist Hillary Watson’s...

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Powell: Surviving the flood

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John Powell

Several days after Donald Trump became president-elect of the United States, religious leaders in Buffalo, N.Y., invited me to a meeting that explored ways to address the fear gripping their city. Noting the anxiety and division, which had increased before the election, one participant asked: “Are we living a dream or nightmare? A tidal wave has hit! How can we float when we’ve not learned to swim?” Many others are asking questions like these. Trump’s election has shaken the nation. Many fear that he and those he is appointing to...

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Showalter: Political groupthink

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Richard Showalter

Christians around the globe followed the U.S. election with as much interest as did citizens of the United States. Election Day found me in an international meeting in Germany. I went to bed long before the results came in, but a Kenyan friend stayed up all night to watch the returns. In the weeks before and after the election, I spent more time outside the U.S. than in. When I was home, only my closest friends and family asked me much about the campaign. It seemed too divisive to risk asking opinions, I guess. Outside the U.S., though, it was...

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Book review: ‘Righting America at the Creation Museum’

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"Righting America at the Creation Museum"

Susan L. Trollinger and Wil­liam Vance Trollinger Jr. describe the Creation Museum as an arsenal for the Christian Right’s culture wars. It’s an apt analogy, but perhaps a better comparison would be a propaganda campaign. Righting America at the Creation Museum — written by two former Bluffton (Ohio) University faculty members — shows how a selective presentation of Scripture, science and history promotes a specific view of God’s created world and a narrow understanding of Christianity. The museum — from Ken Ham and his...

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Kehrberg: I’m not good enough

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Sarah Kehrberg

My Lord God, . . . The fact that I think that I am following your will does not mean that I am actually doing so. But I believe that the desire to please you does in fact please you. And I hope I have that desire in all that I am doing. — Thomas Merton, Thoughts in Solitude I decided not to make any New Year’s resolutions this year. They are always the same and, like everyone else, I never keep them. First is the resolve to lose weight. When will it be possible to think of the future without envisioning a thinner me? Naturally, to achieve...

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Better results today?

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When Mennonite settlers arrived in South Dakota and other parts of the Midwest around 1874, the land offered to immigrants by railroad agents was available because the Indians had been displaced from it. The European search for religious and political freedom and economic opportunity denied those very freedoms to the people who had inhabited North America for generations. The histories of Mennonite settlement in South Dakota mention few reflections about pioneers having occasional contacts with Indians as they broke prairie sod for farming. It...

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Thank you for the articles by Tim Huber on the witness of the Anabaptist churches in Honduras (Special Report, Jan. 2). Many of our Honduran sisters and brothers live and minister in very difficult situations. In addition to their stories and testimonies, which are important, challenging and inspiring, an article focusing on context and history, exploring reasons for the current situation in Honduras would be helpful. One of the best ways to partner with the Anabaptist churches in Honduras and throughout Central America is supporting church...

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Every little bit of aid shows love in Syria

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The Middle East Council of Churches distributed Mennonite Central Committee relief kits to the most vulnerable displaced people and host community members in an Aleppo neighborhood last summer. The kits contained hygiene supplies. — Middle East Council of Churches

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Ibrahim Nseir, a Presbyterian pastor, was chatting at a Beirut hotel in late November with others attending a gathering of Protestant leaders from the Middle East and beyond when a call came in from his wife in Aleppo, Syria. She had just heard that one of the families in their congregation had a rocket land in front of their house at midnight. It blew out the windows, splattering the sleeping family with shards of glass. The family was all right, but the expression on Nseir’s face made clear it was the kind of story he...

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Canadian documentary tells CO stories

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"The Last Objectors"

WINNIPEG, Man. — A film produced by the Mennonite Heritage Centre Archives about conscientious objectors in World War II is garnering significant attention. The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. recently aired The Last Objectors on its national channel, as well as in Manitoba. The 44-minute documentary won a Silver World Humanitarian award in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was also nominated for the Best Feature Documentary at the Views of the World Music & Film Festival in Montreal this summer. The Last Objectors embodies faith, peace and service in...

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