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Pray for deliverance

By on Feb 24, 2020 in Latest Issue, Letters | 1 comment

I am pained and bewildered to see fellow Mennonites who are followers of Jesus and also follow Donald Trump. Both Trump and his policies are antithetical to biblical teaching. He has violated each of the Ten Commandments. Indeed, he breaks the Ninth Commandment every time he opens his mouth. He is a serial adulterer and has stolen untold millions from his creditors, workers and the American taxpayer. He is completely self-centered, worshiping only himself. He is intentionally destroying God’s creation by denying climate change. He has given...

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No cause for shame

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When 30 pastors gathered to talk about mental-health issues, one offered the perspective of both a caregiver and one in need of care. “As a patient, I can feel isolated,” said Tom Harder, pastor of First Mennonite Church in Hillsboro, Kan., who copes with depression and anxiety. “As a pastor, I try to create an environment where I am honest about my own illness and hope this will make others feel less isolated.” The pastors gathered Feb. 11 at Prairie View, a Mennonite-affiliated mental-health center in Newton, Kan. Their conversation...

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Book review: Hope’s Table

By on Feb 24, 2020 in Book Review, Columns, Latest Issue | 0 comments

Hope's Table

Providing food for oneself and family is a daily chore. Should you decide to complete this chore by actually cooking something, your resources are legion. Traditionally, one would reach for a cookbook or maybe a magazine. Now the internet provides boundless options as well. Cooking juggernauts like Epicurious and Martha Stewart offer up their recipe troves. As do thousands (millions?) of normal cooks, maintaining blogs replete with step-by-step photos, pop- up ads and self-deprecating prose. Hope Helmuth, author of Hope’s Table from Herald...

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Can you have an Anabaptist megachurch?

By on Feb 24, 2020 in Latest Issue, The World Together | 0 comments

The World Together Blog

Several times over the last few years I’ve heard statements like this: “Boyd may embrace an Anabaptist theology, but his church (Woodland Hills) cannot be, by definition, an Anabaptist church because an Anabaptist church can’t be a megachurch.” I’ve heard similar things about our sister church, The Meeting House, in Toronto. The reasoning behind these statements seems to be that in Anabaptist theology, the church is a community of disciples who model the love of God to the world by how they love one another and share life together....

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Kennel-Shank: Add refuse to 3 Rs

By on Feb 24, 2020 in Columns, Kennel-Shank: Living Simply, Latest Issue | 0 comments

Celeste Kennel-Shank

The issue is stark: Pollution from plastics and other waste is harming all creatures, all over the world. It is affecting human health, from residents of the wealthiest countries to children living near scrap yards. “We cannot recycle our way out of the problem,” states a 2019 report from environmental organization Greenpeace. Some recycling takes place at facilities in the U.S., but our trash is also being shipped overseas. In recent years China and several other Asian countries stopped accepting waste to recycle, including from many U.S....

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A call to offer welcome and refuge

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Carlos Rafael Montero DeLeon died here in July 2007. He was 45 years old, found in the desert less than a day after he died. His body was eventually sent back to his family in Mexico for a proper burial. Crosses like this are planted in the desert to represent where migrants have died after coming across the border wall. In six years, there have been 1,000 crosses planted, almost 150 per year. — J Ron Byler/MCC

Over two weeks in January and February, I traveled in the U.S.-Mexico border region from San Diego, Calif., to Brownsville, Texas, with stops in more than 10 cities on both sides of the border. I have seen and keenly feel the pain of immigrants. I also was gratified to meet with so many people who see helping migrants as part of their Christian responsibility to care for their neighbors and their sisters and brothers. In Arizona, Texas and throughout the United States, Mennonite Central Committee works with immigrant communities, providing...

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Book supports Plain abuse awareness

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Jeanette Harder had not even received a printed copy of her new book when she learned 740 fresh-off-the-press copies had been handed out at a conference. Harder, co-founder of Dove’s Nest, authored For the Sake of a Child: Love, Safety and Abuse in Our Plain Communi­ties (Ridgeway Publishing, 2019) with Allen Hoover, a “horse-and-buggy” Old Order Mennonite. The planning committee of the Anabaptist Awareness Symposium on Sexual Abuse — which took place in November in Ephrata, Pa. — heard about the book and wanted to get its message...

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New York peace center doubles as a church plant

By and on Feb 17, 2020 in Latest Issue, News | 0 comments

Brooklyn Peace Center and Brooklyn Peace Church will be housed in what used to be First Mennonite Church in Brooklyn (Primera Iglesia Menonita de Brooklyn), which closed last year. — Jason Storbakken

The first rule of real estate can also be the first rule of church planting. But what is coming together in New York City under the working name “Brooklyn Peace Church” is built upon more than location. Individuals in Mennonite Church USA’s Atlantic Coast Conference are envisioning how a new peace center could undergird the simultaneous development of a new church rising from the ashes of what came before. When First Mennonite Church in Brooklyn (Primera Iglesia Menonita de Brooklyn) decided to close last year, ACC continued to hold the...

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‘Hope’ gathering stresses peace with justice

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Bishop L.W. Francisco of Calvary Community Church in Hampton, Va., leads Hope for the Future attendees in prayer for Stanley W. Green, who is retiring as executive director of Mennonite Mission Network in July. — Wil LaVeist/MMN

DALLAS — Hope for the Future attendees celebrated the legacy of Stanley W. Green, one of the event’s original organizers, and discussed ways to press forward for peace and justice throughout the church. Green, executive director of Mennonite Mission Network, has led the Mennonite Church USA mission agency for 20 years and will retire in July. He and other people of color helped organize the first HFF in 2011 in Tampa, Fla. They sought to create a space where Africans, African-Americans, Asians, Hispanics and Native Americans could freely...

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Ten Thousand lamentations

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The World Together Blog

The year 2020 did not begin well. We’d all barely finished our portzelky when we were forced to contend with rumors of war and visitations from pestilence. Throughout January, disaster was all around us. But none of that prepared us for the news that would rock the Mennonite world — the closure of Ten Thousand Villages in Canada. There will inevitably be people responding to this post that they had seen it coming and that everyone knew — “everyone” meaning the sorts of people who diligently read the annual reports for every...

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