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Calling their bluff

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Thank you for your editorial, “Global Leader?” (July 3). You have called the bluff of those who imagine that the United States is No. 1 in ways that matter for the future of the planet. Now more than ever we most look to the goodness and courage of people who will withdraw their support from predatory leaders and act in ways that support the public good. John K. Stoner Akron, Pa.

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Book review: ‘Chosen Nation’

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'Chosen Nation: Mennonites and Germany in a Global Era'

In 1941, as German armies advanced across Europe, C. Henry Smith, a historian at Bluffton College, expressed his dismay at the enthusiastic support many German Mennonites had given to Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist party. In light of the explicit support that German Mennonite newspapers, pastors and youth had given to the regime and its ideas, Smith wondered, “are the German Mennonites perhaps not sowing the wind which their children might have to reap in the generations to come as the whirlwind?” In recent years we have grown...

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Andres: Starting in the middle

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Carmen Andres

In May, Showtime released a limited series revival of Twin Peaks, a 1990 quirky two-season television crime drama set in a small town in Washington and centered on FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper’s investigation of the murder of a teenager named Laura Palmer. I hadn’t watched the original series, so when I ran across it on Netflix, I thought I’d try to give it a go before Showtime’s series aired. From the opening scene, however, I was utterly confused. The characters made references to other characters as if I should already know who...

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Vows to keep

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Unity has been given us by the Holy Spirit. It is a gift. We are commanded to keep the unity of the Spirit (Eph. 4:3). The vows we made in marriage did not say “until we disagree.” It is until death separates us. Why is the vow in baptism and church membership any different? We all made vows when we were baptized and when we became church members. We cannot become unbaptized. We should not break the vows we made with a congregation unless through marriage and transferring to our spouse’s congregation or moving to another geographical...

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Good name, bad belief

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My family and I recently left the Mennonite church, not to get away from the name but to find a more biblically based theology. I thought we would always be Mennonite. We had no interest in getting away from the name or the local congregation. But we felt compelled to leave because of the decision our conference and Mennonite Church USA made pertaining to forbearance [of differing views on same-sex unions]. We did not want a portion of our tithes and offerings going to places that were going away from the Word of God. The Bible is an old book,...

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To put love in action, Mennonite Church USA makes a list

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Emmanuel Mwaipopo of Norristown (Pa.) New Life Mennonite Church, Jordan Farrell of Beth-El Mennonite Church in Colorado Springs and Kiara Yoder of Zion Mennonite Church in Hubbard, Ore., discuss the resolution on Israel-Palestine during a delegate session July 6. — Vada Snider for MWR

ORLANDO, Fla. — For 3,200 people at the Mennonite Church USA convention July 4-8, “Love Is a Verb” was more than a grammar lesson. The week’s theme focused on the basic truth that Christian faith is love in action. But what to do? The list is long. Though diminished in size since it last convened two years ago, what is still North America’s largest Mennonite denomination now possesses a lengthy list of ideas to shape its future. The list comes in the form of a document with 154 points written at the Future Church Summit, whose...

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Tanzanians make connections at convention

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Tanzania Mennonite Church bishops, from left, Amos Muhagachi, Joseph Mutorela, Chriss Kateti and general secretary John Wambura, attend the Mennonite Church USA convention in Orlando. — Tim Huber/MWR

Hundreds of congregations have left Mennonite Church USA in the last few years, making this summer’s convention a peculiar learning opportunity for a group of leaders from Tanzania Mennonite Church (Kanisa la Mennonite Tanzania, or KMT). They are tending a vision of exploding their denomination from 65,000 to 1 million members over the next 15 years to celebrate KMT’s 100th anniversary in 2034. The group of three bishops and general secretary are at the beginning of a four-week tour of Mennonite colleges, organizations and...

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Future Church Summit: Where’s ‘quirky’ church going?

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Mennonite Church USA delegates discuss the Future Church Summit resolution July 8. — Vada Snider for MWR

ORLANDO, Fla. — After 14 hours of talking about how to follow Jesus as Anabaptists in the 21st century, Mennonite Church USA delegates faced the question of how to describe what they had done. Had they set a direction for the denomination’s future or made a list of ideas that needed further discernment? It quickly became clear that many believed the nine-page document summarizing the Future Church Summit had not charted a definite path. Yet a resolution proposed by the Executive Board called it “the direction of our national...

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Israel-Palestine statement takes a ‘third way’

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Anita Kehr, representing Western District Conference, speaks during open discussion time on the Israel-Palestine resolution. — Vada Snider for MWR

ORLANDO, Fla. — Mennonite Church USA delegates on July 6 overwhelmingly passed a resolution on Israel-Palestine, confessing “our own complicity in this web of violence, injustice and suffering” and vowing “concrete steps to address these wrongs.” At the first business session of the denominational convention, the statement received 98 percent support, with 10 dissenting votes in a delegate body of about 550. “Seeking Peace in Israel and Palestine” takes what supporters call a “third way,” opposing the Israeli military...

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Rachel Held Evans: It’s not faith, hope and ‘being right’

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Rachel Held Evans: "Death is something that empires worry about. It's not something resurrection people worry about." — Vada Snider for MWR

ORLANDO, Fla. — When best-selling author and blogger Rachel Held Evans saw Mennonite Church USA’s “Love Is a Verb” convention theme, she hoped organizers didn’t see her Twitter feed. “There’s a lot of things I’m willing to sacrifice to follow Christ,” she said at the adult morning worship service July 6. “My time, my treasure, my reputation. But am I willing to relinquish having the last word? Am I willing to let other people win for the sake of relationship or the gospel? That’s...

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