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Powell: A right to health care

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John Powell

Accessible health care has risen to the top of the list of issues facing our communities. Affordable insurance is one aspect of dealing with health concerns. It has become unaffordable for many people. Several efforts have been made to rectify some aspects of this dilemma, including the 2009 Affordable Care Act. There have been concerted efforts to dismantle the ACA. We wait for a verdict. Health-care delivery is also a major concern, particularly for communities of color. Racial and cultural issues have a significant impact on health delivery...

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Ancient obedience

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In The Great Emergence, Phyllis Tickle writes that about every 500 years the church undergoes a massive transformation. It “cleans out its attic and has a giant rummage sale.” If that’s true, it could help explain why I’m still searching for a church home since my previous congregation dissolved last year. Not satisfied with Facebook-only relationships with radical Christian friends in another time zone, I planned a 30-day road trip to do some reporting for MWR while trying to make a decision about where I might move. A common theme I...

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Publishers’ proposal

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Almost 100 years ago, the founders of Mennonite World Review took a bold step into the future. Three years after starting the German-language Der Herold, editor H.P. Krehbiel recognized the need for an English periodical. In 1923, Mennonite Weekly Review was born. It was a forward-looking move that anticipated readers’ changing needs. Over the decades, MWR editors took many more steps into unknown futures, including the 2012 shift to a biweekly schedule and a new name. At each step along the way, readers of MWR supported these new ventures....

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Panel calls for ‘cultural shift’ to prevent abuse

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Alicia Manning, left, of the African American Mennonite Association, and Grace Pam of the African Belizean Caribbean Mennonite Mission Association sign a memory book for Ervin Stutzman, who is retiring as executive director of Mennonite Church USA, as Femi Fatunmbi of the ABCMMA looks on. — Alex Woodring/MC USA

LANSDALE, Pa. — After two years of work, the Mennonite Church USA Panel on Sexual Abuse Prevention presented their observations and recommendations, notably regarding noncredentialed leaders, to the MC USA Executive Board and Constituency Leaders Council. The Executive Board and CLC discussed the panel’s report, presented by three of the panel’s members, at a joint meeting April 12-14 at Dock Mennonite Academy. The board voted unanimously to receive the panel’s report and commend its use across MC USA. The report calls for “a...

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Symposium highlights higher education histories

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Four of the five historians of Mennonite colleges and universities at the Centennial Histories Symposium, from left: John Sharp (Hesston College), Susan Fisher Miller (Go­shen College), Donald Kraybill (EMU) and Perry Bush (Bluffton University). Not pictured is Keith Sprunger (Bethel College). — Macson McGuigan/EMU

HARRISONBURG, Va. — Students and seasoned scholars alike gathered March 24 at Eastern Mennonite University for the Centennial Histories Symposium, featuring the authors of five histories of Mennonite higher education institutions. Among the 80 participants were representatives of each of the Mennonite Church USA-affiliated schools, all founded between 1887 and 1917. The oldest, Bethel College in North Newton, Kan., was founded in 1887; followed by Goshen (Ind.) College in 1893, Bluffton (Ohio) University in 1899, Hesston (Kan.) College in...

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Mennonite World Review, The Mennonite talk merger

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A merger of The Mennonite Inc. and MWR Inc. would include a merger of the print periodicals, likely in 2020.

The nonprofit organizations that publish the two leading U.S. Mennonite periodicals, and manage robust digital platforms, are exploring a merger to strengthen Anabaptist journalism in a fast-changing media environment. The proposal calls for merging The Mennonite Inc. and Mennonite World Review Inc. to create an independent media organization that explores “the intersection of faith, life and culture through an Anabaptist lens.” A merger would consolidate the organizations’ strengths and preserve their traditions while adapting to...

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In Ukraine, families of fallen soldiers find comfort

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People who have lost family members in the conflict in Ukraine gather for a peace club at Hram, a Mennonite Central Committee partner. In the foreground at right is Claudia Antonovna Ushakova, whose son, a soldier in the Ukrainian army, died in combat in 2014. — Lyubov Varvyanskaya/MCC

Imagine the pain of losing a child to war, compounded by not having a safe space to express grief. This is Claudia Antonovna Ushakova’s story. Her son, a soldier in the Ukrainian army, died in combat at the beginning of the war with Russia in 2014. The conflict began early in that year, when Russia annexed Crimea in southern Ukraine. Unrest spread, intensifying from May through November 2014 as waves of people fled fighting in the Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts (provinces), which share a border with Russia. Ushakova hails from Zaporizhia, a...

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MCC supplies food amid violence in Congo

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Agnès Ntumba, wearing a light blue shirt on the right, and her family share a pot of beans that Ntumba made from supplies that were part of a food distribution she received. The Evangelical Mennonite Church organized the March 23-24 distribution for people who are staying in the Kabwela area of Lomami Province after being displaced from the Kasai Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo. — Mulanda Jimmy Juma/MCC

Agnès Ntumba remembers the day her husband and seven children fled the violence that took over their village in the Kasai region of the Democratic Republic of Congo. “I saw people being killed. They were coming to kill us, and we had to escape,” she said. About one year ago, her village of Tshilundu Ndibunu had become the next place among many to be terrorized by ethnic and political violence. The fighting, which began in August 2016 when local militia group Kamuina Nsapu and national security forces clashed, incited ongoing battles in...

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Many are disappointed

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Thank you, E. Daniel Martin, for “Why Lancaster Conference Got an Annulment” (Letters & Comments, March 12). He clearly states why so many are disappointed with Mennonite Church USA and leaving it in unprecedented numbers. As an example of my disappointment, MC USA policy states that pastors are not permitted to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies. Unfortunately, some pastors have chosen to ignore this guideline and the Scriptures on which it is based. Not only are they permitted to keep their credentials, but some are elevated to...

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Kriss: Change is constant; control is not

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Stephen Kriss

The idea of progress and continual growth is a lie we’ve believed from modernity. Growing up in western Pennsylvania during the collapse of industry and manufacturing, I’ve learned things don’t always get better. Some change does not equate to growth and prosperity. On the other hand, to get stuck in a narrative of decline and dismemberment doesn’t help us find our way either. I visited the Philippines on my first trip out of the country. There I visited a steel mill and a clothing manufacturer — industries that had employed many...

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