MEA: too little, too late on climate change?

Jul 29, 2020 by

As recent alumni of Goshen College who were involved in fossil fuel divestment conversations during our college years, we would like to share a response to Mennonite Education Agency’s announcement regarding...

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MEA investments prioritize climate change

Jul 6, 2020 by

Mennonite Education Agency has revised its investment strategy, adopting five stewardship commitments targeting climate change. The MEA Investment Fund manages more than $150 million in endowment assets of 19...

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Kennel-Shank: Once more, gratefully

Jun 29, 2020 by

Time has been slippery lately. These days, weeks and months of the pandemic slide together, though punctuated with dramatic moments: the loss of jobs, the deaths of loved ones, the deaths that hospital workers...

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Climate-change conflict resolution

Jun 8, 2020 by and

As climate change takes its toll on Zimbabwe, millions who rely on agriculture are threatened with food scarcity. But Edfil Moyo, a subsistence farmer in Gwanda District, has been able to adapt. “For the...

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‘Tempestry Project’ adds color to climate data

Apr 6, 2020 by and

NORTH NEWTON, Kan. — The knitted scarves accumulating at Bethel College Mennonite Church were not abandoned there because of rising temperatures. Instead, they are illustrating them. Featuring a row of yarn...

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Amish have complicated relationship with nature, climate change

Mar 16, 2020 by and

Drive through the farmlands of Lancaster County, Pa., or Holmes County, Ohio, avoiding the frequent horse-drawn buggies, and you may get the impression that the Amish practice a wholesome, back-to-nature...

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Silent on abortion

Dec 9, 2019 by

Thank you, Eldon Claassen, for your Nov. 11 letter condemning the murder of the unborn child. Followers of Jesus Christ must speak out in behalf of those who do not have a voice. The Mennonite church has been...

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Washington Witness: Progress toward ending hunger falters

Sep 30, 2019 by

When Halita Gambo’s baby, Janada, was born with a low birth weight, she turned to a Mennonite Central Committee-supported organization in northeastern Nigeria for assistance. Women and Youth Empowerment for...

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Climate change our defining challenge

Sep 23, 2019 by , and

As youth marched in the climate strike last week and United Nations leaders discuss climate change at their summit in New York, the climate crisis is already here. Storms are becoming more powerful, and...

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Youth connect with each other and God in new ways at convention

Jul 15, 2019 by and

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — While delegates spent days talking about unity at the Mennonite Church USA convention, youth were divided. Some admitted they got out of bed 15 minutes ago, while others were clearly...

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MCC boards approve five-year strategic plan

Jul 8, 2019 by and

ZAPORIZHZHIA, Ukraine — Mennonite Central Committee has a loyal constituency, but its leaders don’t take the support for granted. “We can no longer assume Mennonite churches are familiar with MCC,”...

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Powell: More than caretakers

May 13, 2019 by

Some people think global warming is a hoax. Scientific evidence shows it is real. A November report by scientists from 13 federal agencies concluded we are headed toward disastrous climate change that we may...

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Swallowed by the sea

Dec 3, 2018 by

During his opening address at the 73rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly in September, Tuvalu Prime Minister Enele Sosene Sopoanga implored U.N. member states to hold each other accountable for...

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Opinion: Beyond climate argument

Jan 16, 2017 by

It is time for all neighbor-loving Christians to get on board with the movement to transition away from fossil fuels. To learn some reasons why, consider the words of Arnold Schwarz­enegger, a Catholic...

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Can we change the climate?

Jun 7, 2016 by

We humans have always been fascinated by the possibility of changing the weather. Nearly every ancient civilization had weather gods — the Romans, Greeks, Aztecs, Maori and Canaanites. Sacrifices were...

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Ethical investing

Apr 11, 2016 by

We want our financial investments to follow our beliefs. We’ve done socially responsible investment through Everence and its Praxis Mutual Fund. We were very disappointed to learn that a trustee of the...

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Doing something in an out-of-control world

Mar 14, 2016 by

A month ago I borrowed a chain saw and pruned our church trees. If you want to know why, I need to tell you about my job. I work Saturday night to Thursday night, which means that my Friday night is your...

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God’s rising water

Jan 4, 2016 by and

The prophet Ezekiel went on an expedition down a river. This was no ordinary watercourse. It didn’t spring from the usual sources but flowed from the temple of God. In Ezekiel 47, the prophet and his guide...

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Goshen College president attends White House climate day

Dec 7, 2015 by

GOSHEN, Ind. — By invitation, Goshen College President Jim Brenneman took part in a higher education climate roundtable discussion Nov. 19 at the White House, as part of the American Campuses Act on Climate...

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Why Pope Francis’ climate encyclical matters

Jun 22, 2015 by

Pope Francis’ ecological encyclical came out June 18, and there are many reasons for hope. It’s encouraging to see a such a high-profile Christian leader taking a strong stand on both ecological issues...

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Uncomfortable conversations

May 12, 2015 by

I do not go looking for challenging conversations. But I don’t run from them when they find me. I have come to realize that discomfort is an indispensable element of growth. We generally realize that...

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