Kennel-Shank: A list for the time that’s left

Jul 22, 2019 by

This month I celebrated my 36th birthday. If the average U.S. life expectancy is a useful measure of what to plan for — it’s currently 78 years — I am nearing the midpoint. This has prompted reflection...

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Choosing a good death

Apr 20, 2018 by

Both of my parents were able to die the way they wanted to: at home surrounded by family. I hope this is the way I am able to die as well. Unfortunately, medical technology, combined with our own fearful...

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Some questions about heaven

Sep 28, 2015 by

Heaven, what used to be the primary motivator for many to become a Christian, or be a faithful Christian, has fallen on hard times. I discuss each of these questions (below) in my book, The Heaven Promise. I...

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A good death

Dec 8, 2014 by

Canada’s Supreme Court is hearing arguments about whether physician-assisted suicide should be legal. Not surprisingly, the issue is heated and controversial. For most of us, it is an academic debate. We...

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How we die

Feb 18, 2014 by

John Longhurst’s column “Suffering, Hard Questions at Life’s End” raises the question of how we die. Melvin D. Schmidt’s response asks why the church is not more engaged in this end-of-life...

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End-of-life cruelty

Jan 6, 2014 by

Many thanks for John Long­hurst’s column, “Suffering, Hard Questions at Life’s End”. Questions about how long we should keep our bodies going will never leave us, and with the growth of technology,...

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