The myth of trickle-down change

May 4, 2015 by

I’ve heard some buzz in Christian circles that has troubled me. It is the idea that if we reach the most influential people in the world for Jesus, then everyone else will follow. I’ve seen this philosophy...

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Why losing weight and Bible reading are two of life’s hardest activities

Oct 3, 2014 by

At the group home where I work, there is a young man who is very kind and considerate but, like the rest of us, sometimes expects results without putting in the full amount of effort. For example, this...

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Entitlement and the young adult

Mar 17, 2014 by

I have been working with youth and young adults for well over two decades now. During this time I have also become a parent of two young adult boys (men). I say this because I am not innocent of the issues I...

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What we deserve

Feb 17, 2014 by

On a short stretch of Main Street in Harrisonburg, Va., it’s possible to hit red lights at four consecutive intersections. It doesn’t seem logical. It wastes my time. It makes me angry. My indignation...

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