Not so much to ask

Jul 27, 2020 by

Traveling from a Kansas county without a face-mask mandate to one that required the precaution gave a new perspective on freedom. In Harvey County, where commissioners had exempted their constituents from Gov....

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Oct 28, 2019 by

If the Apostle Paul were to write to “evangelicals” (such as Franklin Graham) who seem to find President Trump’s behavior, decisions and values not only tolerable but righteous, perhaps he might say...

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Bible: Freedom that demands more than law

Feb 13, 2017 by

In our previous lessons, Lawyer Paul presented his case in a courtroom against the position that male Gentiles must be circumcised in order to join male Jews as full members of the New Community in Christ....

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Bible: Problems birthing a new community

Jan 30, 2017 by

Our February lessons are a long way from delighting in God’s creation through the Psalms, as we did last month. Centuries have gone by, and instead of “fire, hail, snow and frost,” we now confront parts...

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