Technology that isolates can bring us together

Mar 23, 2020 by

How quickly things change. Only a few weeks ago it was fashionable to lament the isolating power of technology and the relentless march of individualism. Now we know otherwise. The coronavirus has illustrated...

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Powell: Our common destiny

Aug 5, 2019 by

“Change Gonna Come” was one of the staple songs during the Civil Rights era. Immigrants who came to America found the change they were looking for. Now newly arriving immigrants are discovering our society...

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Kriss: All too human

Mar 18, 2019 by

The church is fully human. This thought crossed my mind in the midst of Sunday morning worship. There was no particular reason for it. Just a simple reminder, maybe a divine nudge, raising my awareness of the...

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Kennel-Shank: Vulnerable, glorious interdependence

Feb 4, 2019 by

Under the heading “Needs” on the dry-erase board at the retreat center was my name and “Ride to Southfield after Sunday lunch.” Next to it was a large blank spot. It was accurate, but it was jarring as...

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Embodying the mystery with theater in church

Nov 27, 2017 by and

NORTH NEWTON, Kan. — Christians haven’t taken their liturgy to the theater, noted Bethel College campus pastor Peter Goerzen, but maybe they should. Goerzen was opening Bethel’s fourth biennial Worship...

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Communities of nonviolence

Oct 17, 2017 by

Nonviolence is the decision to live without committing homicidal violence. It is comparable to the familiar choices to live without committing rape, or slavery or robbery. The decision to live without killing...

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4 ways Christians can love the soil on Earth Day

Apr 20, 2017 by

Earth Day is a great time for Christians to show our love for God’s green earth. Of course, the challenge of loving the earth is knowing which part of the earth to love. There’s so much of it, after all...

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King: A girl and her giraffe

Sep 26, 2016 by

Not to take sides but to reflect the conversation, a nation argues over whether to name its presidential candidates crooks, fascists, or worse. At lunch with a denomination’s representatives, talk turns to...

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God’s image in your neighborhood

Jun 15, 2016 by

Some people see God best in nature. They love walking in parks and botanical gardens for hours. The natural world breathes life into their spirit. It’s where they prefer to be. I’ve never been one of those...

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Divine instinct to help

Oct 26, 2015 by

Last spring, I read Andy Weir’s sci-fi novel, The Martian, in less than 24 hours. It doesn’t disappoint, and neither does the recent film adaption. The tale centers on the crew of the Hermes during a...

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Putting out fires

Oct 20, 2015 by

It was a normal Sunday afternoon… well, normal for me… running a few errands around town for my wife as we were preparing to host some guests. And then I saw the smoke. It was a breezy afternoon, so the...

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‘Humus beings’ — wordplay or clue to our origin?

Oct 19, 2015 by

I have always had a fascination with words, languages, wordplays and puns. So it probably wouldn’t surprise you if I told you that I would often say “humus beings” rather than “human beings.” Little...

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Paperwork perspectives

Oct 17, 2015 by

I hate paperwork at the best of times. I hate filling out forms, grinding through the interminable bureaucratic labyrinths that seem to be part and parcel of modern life. Sign this waiver. Check that box. File...

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Mindfulness, death and the bald eagle

Oct 12, 2015 by

The grandmother’s response seemed almost the last straw to these grandparents. The van pulled into the gas island behind where I was pumping gas. The woman jumped out of the driver’s seat and ran her...

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Shame is part of love

Apr 22, 2015 by

Shame has fallen on hard times. Much of this is due to increasing concerns about the public shaming of people on social media. See the recently published book by Jon Ronson, So You’ve Been Publicly...

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