Giving up my need to be right

Mar 26, 2015 by

Lent is a time to let go of things that hold us back, a time to return to God with our whole heart. As we approach Holy Week this year, I’ve sensed God inviting me to let go of my need to be right, leading...

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United by love, not doctrine

Mar 25, 2015 by

A couple of days ago, with the help of some friends, I planted the early vegetable garden with cauliflowers, cabbages, broccoli, lettuce, Chinese greens and carrots. I use the square foot method — lots of...

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From dust to dust

Mar 16, 2015 by

Before we commemorate Jesus’ death and celebrate his resurrection, we confront the fact that we too will die. During the 40 days leading to Easter, we live in the shadow of Ash Wednesday and of these words:...

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Cold comfort

Mar 16, 2015 by

Late winter — when spring looms close but the forecast remains cold — is an annual opportunity to practice patience. And thank goodness. We need the practice. Small, daily opportunities for...

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Letting Jesus out

Mar 12, 2015 by

Lent caught me flat footed this year. I was in the produce aisle at Wal-Mart, looking for onions when I noticed the heavy ash cross on the forehead of another shopper. “What? It’s Ash Wednesday already?”...

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Reflection: A river runs through

Mar 10, 2015 by

If any of you is thirsty, come to Me and drink. If you believe in Me, the Hebrew Scriptures say that rivers of living water will flow from within you. Jesus was referring to the realities of life in the Spirit...

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Avoiding a pro-suffering theology

Mar 6, 2015 by

Lent was a fairly new concept for me when I was in college, and one year I decided to make the ultimate sacrifice — chocolate. I still remember standing in the ice cream parlor, looking at the luscious...

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Give up complaining for lent

Feb 27, 2015 by

“You better stop whinin’, pinin’,” sang Dolly Parton on her album Better Get to Livin’. If you’re “overweight, underpaid or under appreciated,” you’ll get no sympathy from her. Her...

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Preparing to enter Lent — thoughts on Ash Wednesday

Feb 18, 2015 by

Three years ago I developed a creative arts Lenten retreat based on the Revised Common Lectionary passage. And guess what? The Lectionary has cycled back around to those same passages this year. The following...

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Feast or fast?

Jan 19, 2015 by

It seems appropriate that in the time between Christmas and Ash Wednesday our texts focus on feasting and fasting. During Advent we celebrated the liturgical new year — a time of anticipation and beginnings....

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You don’t know what it’s like

Apr 16, 2014 by

One day, three conversations. 1. I’m at a function where my job is to give a short devotional and prayer before the meal. Pastor-y stuff. I’m trying to be witty, disarming, light. I make some throwaway...

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Unbind him and let him go

Apr 14, 2014 by

It’s good to be in the light, to be out in the open. But there is a bit of comfort to being in darkness, in the tomb like Lazarus. Because in the tomb, you know the landscape. You know the grooves and folds...

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The season of new things

Mar 7, 2014 by

This is my favorite season: early spring and Lent. How perfect that they coincide! Both are seasons of preparation and hope, hard work and renewal. When I reflect back on my life, the greatest personal changes...

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