MWC census: Anabaptist world membership up slightly

Nov 26, 2018 by and

Membership in Anabaptist churches worldwide grew 0.7 percent since 2015, according to Mennonite World Conference’s triennial census released Nov. 20. By MWC’s count, the Ana­baptist-Men­non­ite faith...

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Evana Network covenant describes what’s expected

Aug 31, 2015 by and

Pastors and members of the leadership board of congregations that join Evana Network, a new evangelical Anabaptist group, will need to sign its “personal covenant.” Individuals can also join by signing the...

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Are Quakers already dead?

Aug 26, 2015 by

We Quakers think a lot about our own demise. I’ve lost count of how many events, conferences, books and lectures have essentially centered around the question: Will Quakerism survive? I believe this is the...

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MC USA leaders respond to area conferences considering departure

Aug 12, 2015 by

ELKHART, Ind. — The executive committee of the Executive Board of Mennonite Church USA sent letters Aug. 4 to North Central Conference and Lancaster Mennonite Conference, expressing a commitment to pray for...

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In Lancaster proposal, some look for options

Aug 12, 2015 by and

Although Lancaster Mennonite Conference bishops last month unanimously proposed that Lancaster withdraw from Mennonite Church USA, they do not all agree the conference should leave. One who wants MC USA’s...

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Righteous exclusion

Jun 16, 2015 by

I was on a mountain bike ride talking with a kind man who I have biked with before. He knows I am a pastor, so he was talking about getting plugged into a new church. He shared that his parents attend a...

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The church is changing, so keep moving

May 25, 2015 by

The Pew Research Center’s study on religion in the United States, released this month, revealed that the church is in the midst of significant changes. Mennonites are too statistically insignificant to be...

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A church in trouble

Jan 19, 2015 by

When talking about the future of the church in North America, I sometimes joke there are only two kinds of denominations today — those that are in trouble, and those that will be. One Canadian denomination...

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Atlantic Coast Conference adds one, loses another

Nov 10, 2014 by and

Atlantic Coast Conference of Mennonite Church USA welcomed one congregation and said goodbye to another during its fall assembly Oct. 25 at Blossom Hill Mennonite Church in Lancaster, Pa. With an 88 percent...

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Scapegoat for sin

Apr 14, 2014 by

Whether or not we believe loving, committed, same-sex relationships are sinful, how is it possible that we can divide the church by choosing this one “sin”? Jesus said nothing about same-sex love but...

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