Forest church combines worship with great outdoors

Nov 18, 2019 by and

While giving a weather report at the beginning of a worship service is usually cliché, on Oct. 20 in Wilmot, Ont., it would have been redundant. Wilmot Forest Church — a new initiative of Burning Bush...

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Why ‘church in nature’ isn’t enough

Aug 13, 2018 by

There’s this mildly irritating phrase that I have encountered with some frequency over the course of the decade or so that I have been a pastor. I’m sure you’ve encountered something like it in your own...

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Eclipse inspires, brings Anabaptists together

Aug 22, 2017 by and

The solar eclipse’s phase of totality may have been mere minutes, but activities surrounding the Aug. 21 event encompassed multiple days for several Mennonite congregations near or in the 70-mile-wide path...

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4 ways Christians can love the soil on Earth Day

Apr 20, 2017 by

Earth Day is a great time for Christians to show our love for God’s green earth. Of course, the challenge of loving the earth is knowing which part of the earth to love. There’s so much of it, after all...

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God’s image in your neighborhood

Jun 15, 2016 by

Some people see God best in nature. They love walking in parks and botanical gardens for hours. The natural world breathes life into their spirit. It’s where they prefer to be. I’ve never been one of those...

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Pluto and anxiety-free science

Aug 4, 2015 by

All you in the heavens, praise the Lord. . . . Sun, moon, and all you brilliant stars above: praise God! — Psalm 148 I’m writing this while watching NASA reveal new and stunning close-up photos of Pluto....

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Form and function

Jun 22, 2015 by

Many articles and letters attempt to justify or denounce homosexuality using feelings and experiences as primary criteria. Some recognize the obvious benefits of the Genesis model and the consequences of...

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Muddy and fulfilled

May 12, 2014 by

The day I came home smelling like fish guts was one of the grosser days during my time as a Washington Conservation Corps crew member. That day, my restoration crew was getting ready to plant trees and shrubs...

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