Andres: No pawns here

Aug 19, 2019 by

Last month, Netflix released The Great Hack, a fascinating documentary focusing on the scandal that resulted after the revelation that British company Cambridge Analytica harvested the personal data of an...

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Poor People’s Campaign calls for moral revival

Jul 2, 2018 by and

Members of Mennonite churches in multiple states were arrested in connection to nationwide protests in May and June. Forty days of protests and nonviolent direct action in at least 30 states were local...

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What we’re missing

May 8, 2017 by

After pastoring and church planting for 50 years and ministering in more than 70 Mennonite congregations as a consultant, I believe something is missing from our churches. More than 2,000 Bible verses focus on...

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Where are you, church?

Apr 23, 2015 by

As our Canadian society becomes increasingly secular, I have been thinking that people have disregarded the church. However, this assumption has been challenged for me. This spring I have been asked to...

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As our economy recovers, should we celebrate?

Apr 13, 2015 by

There are promising signs of economic recovery everywhere, we’re told. Stock market numbers are three times higher than during the recent depression. Employment numbers are up. Consumer confidence is on...

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In the streets of my city

May 26, 2014 by

An elderly woman sleeps nearby the Dunkin’ Donuts where I stop each morning to get a cup of coffee. A sunburned old man with a scraggly grey beard and tattered clothing greets me at the door of...

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Homeless Savior

May 12, 2014 by

A new life-size, bronze statue of Christ has been showing up at some churches. Depicted as a homeless person, he is obscured in blankets and lying on a bench. The only markers of divinity are crucifixion...

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