Americans, this is who you are

Jul 20, 2018 by

My American friends have been apologizing for how their president is behaving on the international stage — castigating Canada, undermining NATO, praising dictators, starting trade wars. “This is not who we...

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Qualities in political candidates

Feb 2, 2016 by

I observed late last month that the candidacy of Donald Trump should push pastors — and others looked to for pastoral counsel — to take up the work of political theology and help their parishioners answer...

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Political opposites

Sep 14, 2015 by

As Donald Trump surged to the front of the Republican presidential field, Jimmy Carter announced he was battling cancer. The soft-spoken former president and the blustering billionaire could not have presented...

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What beats a trump card?

Sep 9, 2015 by and

While many have expressed genuine astonishment that Donald Trump has emerged as the Republican front-runner in the 2016 presidential race, those of immersed in the southern freedom struggle cannot pretend...

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Presidential candidates in Iowa cite justice, freedom

Sep 8, 2015 by and

Presidential candidates from both major U.S. political parties this summer heralded Iowa Mennonites they say have been victimized by unjust federal laws. Before one of the largest Iowa crowds drawn by any...

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