Former inmate leads a church inside a prison

Jul 23, 2018 by and

Pastor Ignacio Chamorro Ramírez’s flock isn’t typical. “My members are rapists, kidnappers, murderers and fraudsters — all washed by the blood of Jesus our Lord,” he said. Chamorro directs an...

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Prisoner, pastor find deeper connection to God together

Jan 9, 2017 by and

NEWTON, Kan. — The first time J.R. Cady met Mennonites, he was in prison at Larned Correctional Mental Health Facility. Due to suicidal depression, he was sent there for psychological tests as part of his...

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Washington Witness: An end to private prisons?

Sep 26, 2016 by

On Aug. 18 the U.S. Department of Justice announced it would soon begin to phase out private prisons due to safety concerns. The change was made due to numerous reports of abuse and neglect occurring in...

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MCC learning tour explores mass incarceration

Nov 9, 2015 by and

EPHRATA, Pa. — Sixteen participants in Mennonite Central Committee’s Pipeline to Prison learning tour journeyed through Pennsylvania’s criminal justice system, learning about law enforcement, sentencing,...

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I got a blank space; I’ll write your name

Dec 5, 2014 by

“Nice to meet you / where you been? / I could show you incredible things /… / Saw you there and I thought oh my god / Look at that face /… / But I got a blank space baby / And I’ll write your...

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Are progressive Christians failures at prison ministry?

Jun 20, 2014 by

A few weeks ago Zach Hunt over at his The American Jesus blog asked the question: Can you have a church without a prison ministry? I’d say, no, you can’t. See: Matthew 25. And yet, many churches...

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Prison theater project reveals ‘freedom behind bars’

Apr 14, 2014 by and

NORTH NEWTON, Kan. — Bethel College student Emily Simpson’s time in prison taught her more than she’d imagined. It might not be what you think. Simpson, nine other Bethel students and their professor,...

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