U.N. Witness: ‘Beyond Vietnam’: what King taught us

Feb 10, 2020 by

On Martin Luther King Jr. Sunday, I found myself in a worship service at Riverside Church in New York City, my skin tingling as I gazed at the pulpit where King delivered his controversial and groundbreaking...

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Anabaptists: peaceful force for racial justice?

Oct 27, 2014 by and

HAMPTON, Va. — Participants in “Hope for the Future” gatherings are inspiring congregations to address diversity in their communities. “Hope for the Future” began in 2011 in response to the rapid...

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Pastor nudged church to act on civil rights

Jun 2, 2014 by and

Vincent Harding, a civil rights activist and former Mennonite pastor who wrote Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “Beyond Vietnam” antiwar speech, died May 19 in Philadelphia. He was 82. Harding served as...

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Vincent Harding: A light shines in the darkness

May 21, 2014 by

Dr. Vincent Harding, great keeper of the Southern Freedom Movement flame, died May 19th. He was 82 years old. A graduate student in history during the late 1950s, Harding took an integrated road trip through...

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