Getting together again: 2019 year in review

Dec 30, 2019 by and

Reconnection and revival led Mennonite news in 2019. Conferences reconciled, leaders traveled overseas to renew historic ties, and Mennonite Church USA sought an infusion of Spirit-filled life. Reconciliation...

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Realigned, rebranded: 2018 year in review

Dec 28, 2018 by and

For years, North American Ana­baptists have been realigning — breaking old affiliations, forging new relationships, revising church structures to fit changing times. In 2018, two conferences tried a new...

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2017 Review: Congo suffering, North American realignment

Dec 18, 2017 by and

While North American Mennonites sped the pace of change in their church structures, Mennonites in the Democratic Republic of Congo dealt with matters of life and death. Ethnic and political violence drove at...

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2016 in review: What works for denominations now?

Dec 19, 2016 by and

With Christian denominations generally declining in North America, Mennonites are looking for new ways of being the church together. Shrinking or refocusing national offices while building up regional and...

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2015 in review: Drawn together, driven apart

Dec 21, 2015 by and

Unity and division crossed paths in Pennsylvania this summer as Harrisburg hosted the Mennonite World Conference assembly and Lancaster Mennonite Conference moved to leave Mennonite Church USA. Word of...

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Year in review: Sexuality issues test unity

Dec 22, 2014 by and

Struggles in Mennonite Church USA over same-sex relationships entered uncharted territory in 2014. When one conference licensed a lesbian pastor in Colorado and another signaled its acceptance of a gay man...

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